You'd expect that a time travelling organisation would have agents from all spans of time. And it was true, time safe did have agents from past and future periods. However these cases were among the minority of time agents. And even among those cases I was rare. 

I had of course heard the story of the events that led to my recruitment, though I had not been there, yet. Apparently in the year 5024 a future version of me, one who was a level 6, with purple hair, had introduced herself to the heads of time safe. She had told them she knew it was to be that day because that was the day they had told her she had introduced herself to them, and that they must hire her. She had even given them the very date they needed to pluck me out of my life and into this one. 

She was outspoken and oozed confidence this future me. And she was young for a level 6, not much older than I was now. All in all she was a lot to live up to. Somehow I had to become the woman who would march right up to our bosses and tell them they had to hire me, an earlier me, with no training and who would believe she was dreaming when she first met the company representative.

I had been shocked at first to be invited to join Time Safe. But I had taken the opportunity once I had realized it was real, and never regretted it. I had had my hair genetically altered after hearing of my future self, and done my best to one day become her. I had done much in the 2 years I had been with the company, and risen to a level 4 quickly. I sometimes wondered if the promotions had simply been because they knew I would soon have to be a level 6 to keep with events that already happened, and so was determined each day to prove I was worthy of this position, even if I was still getting used to some of the amazing technology of this time.

I walked along the hallway looking for Froid or squad 7, who I was told I would be accompanying on a mission to Tolaria 1400. I had worked with this squad before, so they were used to the fact that I was often unable to pick up on the emotions of others around me. Empathy was something I seemed to lack, though I was learning to fake it, but I also seemed to lack a sense of fear and so was always the first to dive into a new mission and dangerous events. 

Suddenly I turned a corner and nearly tripped over May, and two members of her squad. They were the ones I had been looking for at least, so if I had to physically bump into anyone at least it was them.


The End

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