"You're heading for the Tolaria 1400's, am I correct in saying?" Froid says walking along the corridor with the new level three on Solar Edge time ship shifter.

Uh, it would just be easier calling in a time machine ship but the captain is always technicle with what we have to call it. So that makes Froid, operater of the time technology, technicle as well considering he's the captains only son.

I jump lightly down from the ceiling landing without a sound behind the two men. They obviously didn't hear me cause there is no movement what so ever.

"Yes" the level three time officer says. I think they mentioned his name was Switch Gail. Hmm, interesting.

"Ah, okay. You will be accompanied by squad 7 if thats okay?" Froid says.

My squad??? Oh joy. I look quickly behind me and up to see them all moving carefully along the ceiling. We have the technology to defy gravity but on this ships we just use the pipes.

"That's fine but isn't squad 7 led by a level 6 officer called May" Great so even Switch boy here knows something about me. Level 6 is the highest level and I'm quite well known. Don't know why.

"Yes, and she's right behind us" Froid says turning to face me.

"Dammit Froid you didn't even hear me" I say annoyed and folding my arms. My squad jumps down from the ceiling landing almost as perfectly as me but just not quite.

"This is Kate, Jay and Max the rest of squad 7. You will train with them till we are ready to send you off. A few more officer might join you as well I'm told" Froid says. He looks at me smile then walks off leaving Switch boy in front of me.

"You're gonna have it hard" Jay says walking up to him and tapping him on the shoulder. "I'll fetch Tirone so he can set the simulator"

"Simulator.... aren't those basic training??" This Switch says.

"Wait till you've tried out the one on this ship" I say then gesturing to Max and Kate we head off down the corridor.

The End

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