On board one of timesafes many vessels spread throughout the galaxy, and time to avoid meeting yourself from coming back in a mission, I walked through  a main corridor heading towards officers quarters.

"Hey Switch!" I hear a familliar voice that can only belong to Megan. I see her running down the hall ways if an utterly confused looking boy.

"Hey. Are you heading to a new mission already?" I ask.

" Ya , perhaps if you  are off for this this months rotation you could help me during the summers 2010's rift."

" No I'm busy, didn't I tell you i'm on two week rotation?"

"No, sorry I got to go now see you around Switch." Megan says and begins running off again.

" Who is the boy?" I ask.

" Later Switch!" She yells before disapears around the corner with the utterly confused boy. Poor fella he has got one of the most energetic Time agents as well as most devoted that I have ever seen.

After changing back into my traveling uniform which was generally was clothing that matched the time you where visisting ,and a few pads. Weapons wise it all depended on the location you where operating in. For example in isolated area you would be allowed to carry a fusion blade, and guns of your choice. More populated area you had stealth weapons and a laser blade if things got desperate.  At the moment I was heading to another planet name Tolaria about earths time 1400's .

I took all of my weapons and personal effects ,easily fitting them into my one bag. Once everything was dealt with an image shimmered on my revealing an electronic arm gaurd I typed in the commands. The electronic arm gaurd is one of timesafes many brilliant inventions it was a time machine with the ability to go to the begining of the universe , so it could easily posistion itself in the place you want to be in then, bring you the the time you want to be in,and if the place you go to lacks neccesary surrounding to survive it will bring you the nearest place with neccesary surroundings.I quickly found myself in a similar looking spaceship.

" Hello Swicth Gail, may I get you show you to your room and help you get yourself aquainted with Solar Edge?" A level six time officer says.

"Sure." I said not really needing the formal welcome I was only a level 3 nothing to special.

The End

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