Ellix: The Letter

'Dear Mister Ellix Hanton,

You have been excepted into Katherite's Academy for Space Team Training to become a Space Technician. This training includes performing a 3 year course in Robotics and Technology. You will also take the core Mathematics, Survival and Space Experience training while here.

The coach will be departing from the city of Enrish at 9:03, 16th April. Do not be late otherwise you will have missed your training. We hope to see you soon.

Signed, Mr Rellios Rogers - Headmaster'


I couldn't believe it. At long last, my letter from the Katherite's academy was in my hand. The loopy silver letters engraved on the clear plastic sparkled in the sunlight that spilled from my bedroom window.

I fell back onto my bed, bouncing for a moment until the mattress settled. I had to call Dianthin.

I sat up, lunging for my holowatch on my bedside hoverdisc. My heart raced as I punched in the familiar number. I was going to Katherite's Academy. I had dreamed of going for as long as I could remember, and finally, my time was now.

An image of Dianthin sprang up. She was looking as beautiful as ever, her brown hair cut into a short bob which hung just below her jaw.

"Let me guess - you got the letter?" She asked before I could speak.

I nodded, "Yeah I'm leaving -"

"From Enrish, 9:03, April the sixteenth?" She blurted, her bright green eyes shining.

"Yeah!" I gasped with excitement.

She grinned, "Me too,"

I wanted to kiss her so badly right then, but she was just a hologram.

"Can I come over?" I begged her with my eyes.

She considered for a moment, chewing on her cheek. I pouted, giving her puppy dog eyes. Dianthin burst out laughing, "How could I say no to that face?"

"Thanks Di, see you in ten minutes,"

She winked as the hologram dissapeared, spiraling down into the square black surface of the holowatch.

I held up my letter to the light once more, watching the words glitter before shoving it into the envelope. I was going to Katherite's Academy.

The End

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