Katherite's Academy

Welcome to Katherite's Academy. The students here arent special when they arrive but they sure will be when they leave.

"Sam!" Enrita my little sister screams and I hear her feet racing up the stairs. I sigh continuing my sit-ups as my sister burst into my room clutching a letter. A large smile is on her face as she stands there her breathing heavy. "It came, Sam"

I freeze my eyes slowly widening. "W-What?" I stutter as I sit there.

"You got into Katherite's Academy for Space Team Training to train in Atheletic and Technology to become a Cadet!" Enrita squeals. Then a smile breaks out on my face and I jump to my feet running over to rip open my letter. I let my eyes scan over the words and reading them aloud to my sister.

'Dear Miss Samilia Resher,

You have been excepted into Katherite's Academy for Space Team Training to become a Cadet. This training includes performing a 3 year course in Atheletic and Technology. You will also take the core Mathematics, Survival and Space Experience training while here.

The coach will be departing from the city of Enrish at 9:03, 16th April. Do not be late otherwise you will have missed your training. We hope to see you soon.

Signed, Mr Rellios Rogers - Headmaster'

"Wow, sis" Enrita whispers as she smiles up at me. "What they mean by coach though? I thought the Academy was orbiting the planet?"

"It is" I say scanning the letter again and again trying to see if this is just a prank but its not. I'm actually going to be training to be a space cadet. "They'll mean space coach"

"Wow" my sister gasps. "I wonder in Ellix got his letter"

"Oh my gosh! Of course, I completely forgot he applied to train to be a Space Tech" I say blushing. Ellix is my childhood friend who I've had a crush on for years. He moved to a southern town last year and I'd been so devistated. I had never told him how I really felt. I still wont if I see him again.

I mean I'm just his childhood friend. I mean how cliche would it be if he liked me back. I mean its already cliche I fancy him. "You better tell dad" Enrita muses.

"Yeah, I'll tell him when he gets home" I say sitting down on my bed.

"Does it say what you have to take?"

"Yeah, on the back" I mumble handing it over. "Nothing special except for the cadet gear"

As Enrita begins to study it ocassionally telling me about stuff I must remember I zone out. If Ellix did get accepted I dont know what I should do. We lost contact three months after he left last year. I sigh.

"I'm gonna start packing, Enrita" I tell her standing up.

"Oh okay" she says handing me back the letter which I put back in the envelope to keep. I need to keep it safe since that my proof of acceptance. "Want me to help?"

I shake my head moving towards my closet. "No, I'm good. Thanks for offering though" I call. She shrugs and head out. I pull grab the diggy box that turns into my suitcase pressing the button to enlarge it. I carry it over to the bed opening it up. Right, lets start packing.

The End

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