Tristan: Waking TerrorMature

I looked around me, catching sight of the school on my right, with the street to my left, and Darryl going to cross the street. A car pulled up. Smashed right into Darryl. Sent him flying down the street before he fell to the ground, seemingly lifeless.

As the car cruised by, I dared to look inside. Behind the wheel was me. But it wasn't really me; it was a twisted version of me, with a crazy grin on his face and a fire in his eyes as his vehicle crashed into Darryl, a moment which seemed to continue repeating itself over and over in my head as I stood there, stunned. Then, something really strange happened. I began laughing - not a normal laugh, though; it was a sinister, victorious sort of laugh.

Then I woke up. I had been dreaming of nothing but that moment since the day after the accident. I couldn't stop the dreams, couldn't suppress the thoughts, couldn't even change my behavior within the dreams. It just went on and on until the sequence was through, and then I always woke up.

Suddenly, this time, I felt I should speak to Katie. I went to her house, figuring it was late enough into the morning now that she would be awake, but she was not home. I immediately turned for Darryl's house, sensing that this would be where I found her.

I needed to see them, to stop the dreams, to end this madness which plagued me. I worried that I was going insane, but then regained my composure and assured myself I was not crazy. All I knew for certain was that this waking terror would not let me rest.

The End

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