Katie: ThoughtsMature

I couldn't get thoughts of Tristan and Darryl. I didn't know why but Tristan frightened me in away. Some inner part of me told me to stay away but... why? 

Then there was Darryl. I barely knew the guy but my heart skipped a beat whenever he was around. This rebel bad boy I'd learned he was before the incident and strangely that amused me.

As I slept that night I dreamt of him a me. He made me smile. He made me laugh. Yet, I knew we were sneaking around. We were being naughty. Something I had never done in my entire life. I never even skipped a class nevermind snuck out at night to meet a boy but strangely... I felt like I'd do this to Darryl.

Then the dream got scary and I was awake almost suddenly before I could see anymore.

I stumbled to my feet and pulled on clothes for the weekend. I didn't know what I was going to do but... as I headed down stairs my mind came to the conclusion that I needed to see Darryl. 

The strange feeling of heart ache to be without him was confusing me and actually scaring me. How could I want some stranger so desperately?

Yes, I had a crush on him but I'd liked guys before and it had never felt like this. Never. It was a playful smile on the lips when they were around. The light blush that covered my cheeks.

Then trying to hide the truth about my home life. My drunk mum and my cheating father. It upset me dreadfully which is why as I headed down the stairs I went quietly. I made sure to make as little noise as possible and when I got out side I took a deep breath of fresh air.

It felt cold as it filled my lungs but it was better than the stench from inside the house. The constant smell of alcohol, mainly whiskey, and the horrible stains on the carpet. 

To be outside was to be free.

The End

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