William: JustifiedMature

I had soon followed Elizabeth and her mysterious male acquaintance to a small town, where they seemed to believe themselves safe. I then began considering the tricky business of catching and killing the murderers.

Simply ending their lives with the pull of a trigger or the launching of an arrow wasn't enough. They had to suffer. So, I developed a complicated plot.

I would wait outside the town, avoiding being seen, for a time, letting the fear overtake them as the news that I knew what they had done sank in. Then, I would begin making discrete appearances at the outskirts of town to other citizens of this place. The next phase of my plan involved quietly approaching their home in the night, and allowing myself to be seen in the area, but only for a few moments before I disappeared. It would be an entertaining game of cat and mouse between us. Eventually, when I got bored, I would approach them in the night and hunt them down and kill them like animals.

I wouldn't simply kill them, though - that would be too easy. I would give them a chance to run, to play the game, then jump on them one at a time and cut their throats.

I wasn't proud of myself; in fact, half the time, I couldn't tell myself from the new, darker side that wanted nothing but blood. I couldn't control this other side of me - and it was he who developed this plan and brought it to me. I chose to put it into motion, with some persuasion from him. He kept my eyes on the truth. He made sure I kept stock of the situation, reminding me who was responsible every waking moment, and even in my dreams he was there, whispering into my ear.

Perhaps they would have called me insane. Perhaps they would have been right. But no one would doubt, I knew, that along with my new accomplice, I was justified.

The End

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