Darryl: NightmareMature

Head spinning. Confusion.

My shaking hand slammed against some cold, flat metal as I staggered to my feet. It was a locker, just like the ones I used to slam nerds into. My eyes adjusted to the dark, and I found myself enclosed in a tunnel of lockers, stretching further than I could see in both directions.

"Darryl!" a voice called.

"Katie!" I yelled out, before I even had a chance to realize it was her who was calling me. I peered forward, into the darkness, wondering where her voice had come from; and felt a hand on my shoulder.

I spun around on legs that didn't appear injured at all, and saw Katie, her eyes grey and lifeless, yet somehow staring deep into my skull.

"Katie, are you okay?" I asked her.

She breathed - a hollow, hoarse sound in her throat - and pointed towards a locker a few steps down the hallway. Taking me by my hand, and led me towards it, and unceremoniously grabbed the handle and tore the door from the hinges. Yellow light poured into the dark hallway, and I squinted into the space where the locker had been ripped open.

Rows of golden cornfields glistened in the sunlight, green pastures gave haven to herds of cattle, and a little cottage puffed smoke from its chimney amidst it all.

Katie raised her hands and leaned forward slowly, as though reaching towards this agricultural paradise, but suddenly instead dropped her hands to her stomach and stumbled backwards, her back hitting a locker at the other side of the hallway.

"What's wrong, Katie?" I asked, watching the deadness in her eyes for any sort of emotion.

She stepped forward again, the light from the farmland crossing her once more. She reached again for my hand, and this time led me into the opening. As we bordered between the hallway and the farmland, she whispered the word, "home".

 Katie then guided my hand and rested it upon her warm stomach. I could hear her loud, disturbing breath as it rasped through her body, her enlarged eyes held mine captive. She pushed my hand deeper into the flesh of her belly, before I felt an abnormal twitching under my hand.


The last thing audible before I woke up was the high-pitched screeching of an infant in my ears.


I woke up  in a cold sweat, chest tight and constricted. My first thought was getting the hell out of there - dream or no dream!

I practically hurled myself out of bed, and for a single step I managed to remain upright, before I collapsed to the ground on my battered, casted, useless legs. I tried to cry out as I hit the floor, but my breath had deserted me. So for some time I lay staring at the ceiling of my room, every part of my body in intense pain, my mind filled only with Katie.

The End

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