Elizabeth: Happy TerrorMature

It was 4 months till anything reached me about the death of Sir Johnson. It was not only about his violent death but also his son missing. At the sight of the paper I felt frightened. He was after us. I knew it.

Having escaped to a small town not far off the larger town of Leeds me and Jonathan had happily settled down as farmers. The wage wasn't great but it gave us a lovely home and my cooking which I had learnt from my mother came in handy when we decided to open our little yet large home as a inn.

It was a lot to happen in 4 months but that had not been the most exciting thing. Jonathan and I were to be wedded in three months and... I was holding his child. I hadn't told him yet but I knew as soon as I did he would be thrilled... but this news. It chilled me to the bone and I walked back to our home hugging the my basket frightened.

We were far from the advancing city life. The train we had took gave us a glimpse but we had decided it was too risky. I didn't mind being a little behind it gave me a feeling of a real family home. A place where you need worry about nothing more than keeping the home right and proper.

Reaching the crossing path near our home I stopped and leaned against the fence to watch Jonathan who was trying to calm down a horse and get it to pull the plower that was needed. We could afford a motorised one yet but strangely I did not want one.

Sighing I stood up proper and walked towards Jonathan to show him the worrying news.

The End

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