Jonathan: All Aboard for FreedomMature

I had never traveled by train before. There'd never been the need to. Everything I'd needed was always in the one place; the land I'd inherited from my uncle, my small, select circle of friends, my true love. As I gripped her hand tightly now, I confirmed to myself that there was most certainly one thing we both needed - distance. Fast. And I'd heard these trains could move very fast. I felt a sudden pang of anxiety for her.

"Are you alright, my love?" I said to her over the bustling noises of the steamy station.

"Yes, Jonathan dear," she beamed.

She was truly alight amongst the dull, anxious crowd. Perhaps riddled with relief, while I was practically shaking with the memory of what we'd commited, what we were running from. Perhaps it was her apprehension previous to the deed that left her in her present state of serenity.

"Where are we fleeing to?" I asked in a surge of desperation.

As people brushed and shoved past us, she reached up and took my face in her small, gentle hands. Her soft grey eyes were a sea of calm and compassion.

"It doesn't matter, my love!" she said. "We can go anywhere. We're free, we're free!" she gasped, tears welling at the corners of her eyes now, as she lowered her voice; "Thank you."

"What for?" I asked, stroking her hair, just as there was the howl of a deep whistle from behind us.

"All aboard!" yelled a plump, pale man clinging to the door of the sitting train.

I tugged Elizabeth's hand and we ran to board the train. We had nothing; no clothes or belongings, no plans, no contacts. And very little money. And there was the worry of Elizabeth's stepson - was he really to be trusted? Maybe we should have done away with him while the knife and the boy were at hand. So many loose end we had left, and so little ahead of us.

"For this," said Elizabeth, as we stood inside the narrow doorway of the train and it began to move away from the station. She touched my face and suddenly everything melted away. "Thank you for freeing me."

The End

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