Katie: Pulled awayMature

We had to leave a lunch. I had to get to the libary and Tristan was quick to jump in that he'd walk me home. That confused me because he had seemed so cold towards me before. I push my glasses up onto my eyes facing Darryl as Tristan walks past me to the door.

"Um, it was nice to meet you, Darryl" I whisper and cant help the blush rising to my cheeks.

"Yeah" he says moving to possibly hug me then glaring down at his chair. I blush walking over and leaning down to kiss him softly on the cheek. For a second I hesitate them pull back. Darryl blinks his breath coming out a bit heavy.

"Bye" I whisper and race to where Tristans waiting at the door in the hallway before he can reply. He glances at my face then away opening the door. Darryl's mum appears and smiles brightly.

"It was nice to have you over"

"Thank you" I say politely. Tristan fidgets neck to me which distracts me. Its almost like he wants to leave quickly.

"Thanks as well" he says and nods curtly. Then we turn and leave with Darryl's mum closing the door behind us. Tristan's silent at first as we walk towards the centre of town where the libary is. I keep my head low remebering the small astonished look on Darryl's face as I leaned down and kissed his cheek. Even now it makes me blush. "Are you cold?" Tristan asks as we walk.

I open my mouth to reply but before I can he's drapping his coat over my shoulders. A gentlemanly action that doesnt seem to suit his actual personality. "Thanks..." I mutter trailing of and glancing away.

It also doesnt feel right like this isnt the right coat. The right person which makes me squirm.

The End

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