Darryl: Tea Party?Mature

He was glaring at me, as though I'd kicked him in the sensitive area. She was in some kind of daze, her eyes wandering over and back between me and the floor. A bookworm, and a guy who I'd seen getting slammed against a locker just days before. Two people I'd never have dreamed of entertaining. Yet here they were.

"Maybe I should go," Tristan muttered.

I grew hostile again as he spoke. "I didn't ask you to come, I'm not asking you to stay."

The door opened, and my mother pushed her way into the room, a tray full of cookies and cups of tea in her hands.

"Here you go," she said, smiling particularly at Katie as she laid the tray on the coffee table. Tristan watched her, obviously hoping for a smile too, but she quickly scurried out of the room again.

Katie took a cup and held it, her glasses steaming up as she took a sip. Tristan grabbed a cookie from the tray and made a big deal of taking a bite. Obviously looking for something to do.

What the hell was this? A fucking tea party?

Katie's eyes flickered over and met mine. My stomach went into knots, my heart pounded and one side of my mouth curled up into a smile. She bit her lip and smiled back, which made me feel even mushier inside.  

"Pass the milk, Katie."

I tore my eyes away and looked at the floor. I then looked at Tristan, who was watching Katie with softened eyes. As soon as she turned away to reach for the milk for him, he sent a scowl my way.

So... Tristan liked Katie?

This was going to make this so much more fun.

The End

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