Elizabeth: Devil's DeedMature

We entered the room. Johnathan held the blade in his hand and I stood behind him clutching his arm. Thoughts were thundering in my mind. Constant questions and angry answers.

Is this really right? Stop being a whimp. You want to be with Johnathan. This is the only way. What about the lord? Wont he frown upon this deed and curse us? Make fate unkind to us? Stop it! You love Johnathan and this man has done nothing for you.

Did he not take me in and care for me at my father request? Yes, but did your father think about you? This is your only choice. Now get on with it.

So I did. Following Johnathan to the bed he raised the knife. Then my husband awoke and at the sight of the knife he tried to attack Johnathan but it wasnt much of a fight. The man was old while Johnathan was young and healthy. Johnathan slashed the knife across his chest and blood splatter my dress.

I couldnt help but almost scream. I backed off putting a hand over my mouth to stop my screams as Edrick collapses to the floor. Still I watch as with almost a mad glee Johnathan keeps bringing the knife down again and again. Then I meet Edrick eyes and they almost ask 'why?'

I honestly cant answer him. Instead I rush to Johnathan trying to pull him away. "Enough, Johnathan. He's dead okay. Lets go quick" I say and he lets me pull him away. Then he sees my tears and my terrified face. Sheafing his knife he grabs my hand pulling me away. We race out of the house just as a comotion begins. Lifting me up onto a horse Johnathan smiles at me.

"We did it" he says. "We can be free"

But at what price?

The End

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