Jonathan: Close at HandMature

Two hours previous to "William: Alone with the Shadows".


It was cold today as Elizabeth and I sat beneath our tree, her head rested on my shoulder, her arms around my waist, my hand gently stroking her long brown hair.

My Elizabeth was crying. Trembling right to her bones.

"Jonathan," she whispered, taking my hand in hers. Both were hot and sweaty. "Are you sure about this?"

My eyes bulged as I took her head in my hand and turned her face tenderly towards mine. "Elizabeth," I said gently, searching her teary grey eyes, and finding endless passion there. "This task, it will mean that I can hold you in my arms and my soul will not be marred by sin. Both our souls can rest easy, my dear."

"Do you really think murder is more forgivable than adultery?" Elizabeth asked, looking up at me as though she were a frightened faun, and I was a seemingly kind wolf that she didn't fully trust.

"Yes," I said. "I do. When you really think about it, don't you think the old bastard could die off any minute as it is? I mean, he's ancient. What is he? Four thousand and twelve?"

Elizabeth gave a giggle - I'm not sure if she had actually found my last comment funny, or if it was a nervous reaction. 

"Don't you want us to be bound together, Elizabeth? Properly?"

Her eyes

An icy snake went up my spine, and I shivered. Elizabeth had stopped crying, but she was still shaking.

"Come on, it's cold. Let's go to yours." I said it as though we had innocent plans such as having a meal together. As though we were planning anything else, other than...

She nodded, but her eyes now refused to meet mine. I tugged her to her feet with ease, and we strolled.

Strolled towards a future that was so close at hand.

The End

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