Katie: The BoyMature

The crunch of the boys body as the car hit it would be stuck in my mind forever. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw it and I found myself screaming at night. My mother had just stormed in at night and smacked me across the face in her drunken state then told me to 'shut up'.

I'd then laid awake whimpering for the rest of the night. I couldnt stop worrying about the boy though. He had survived but I dont know what was happening now. Whether he was healing and getting better. To worry so much about a stranger felt odd but I was and I dont think I could stop. Especially since what had happened after the accident.


I raced out of the school despite the yell of teachers for students to stop. The driver had gotten out of his car but I was next to the boy before him. I gripped his hand feeling tears pour down my face. Was this my fault?

He had been looking at me and not the road. Oh god, it was my fault. I put my other hand to my mouth to stop the sobs from spilling out. "Is he your boyfriend, miss? Gosh I'm sorry"

I shakes my head then the boy breaths a sputter gasp. My eyes widen. "Call an ambulance!" I yell at him and while he does I cant do anything but watch the boy. Wishing he would open his eyes and see me even if just for a moment.


Looking up at the house I fidgetted. I'd found the out the boys name. Darryl. I swallow the nervous lump in my throat and fidgetted tugging the hem of my sleeves. Taking a slow deep breath I walk towards the door before knocking three times. As my knuckle wraps against the door I begin to panic that what if this was a mistake. I mean the boy wont remember me and I'd met the mother for a moment when she'd thanked me through all her tears.

Then the door opens and I'm met by the mother. "Oh, how may I help you?" she asks softly.

"I dont know if you remember. I was the girl who realised you son had lived and got the people to call an ambulance" I say fidgetting. The womens eyes widen.

"Oh, yes" she says ushering me in. "Darryl's in the living room. Do you want some tea?"

"Um, that would be nice" I mutter. She nods and rushes off while I walk slowly into the living room. I almost trip at the sight of the boy sat in the wheelchair. His legs all casted up. I take a slow breath. "Hey"

The boy looks round and his eyes turn confused. "What are you doing here?"

"Not really sure myself. I just felt like I should check up on you" I say taking a seat in one of the armchairs. I sit right on the edge of the seat and tug my sleeves firmly down. I see Darryl glance at the movement then back at me as he stiffly moves his chair to face me.

"Why?" he presses.

"Well, the paramedics said I saved your life so I guess I felt like I should" I whisper looking at the ground. "And you didnt pay attention to the road cause of me"

"Dont blame yourself" Darrly jumps in. I look up meeting his confused gaze as well. What is happening?

The End

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