Elizabeth: PrepareMature

I rushed across the lawn and threw myself into Johnathan's arms. He caught me easily his arms slipping round my hips so naturally. They belonged there. I knew it almost as certain as I knew my 'husband's' arms didnt.

Johnathan leant down molding his lips to mine in the most desperate kisses. It had been one of those nights and he knew. Not just from my rush to see him but because I was late. My skin felt horrible as did the muscle he had caused to ache with his 'caress'. It was more like he brutally raped me than any caressing what so ever.

"Johnathan" I whimpered against his lips.

"Hush" he breathed. "We can speak in a moment"

He kissed away my tears and placed his lips back on mine allowing me to enjoy the feel on him kissing me. The thrill it brought as we hid in the shadows of the trees where no one could hear us. Eventually after long moments of glorious touch we had to part our lips.

"We must be rid of him" Johnathan almost snarled. "I hate him touching you"

"As do I... Did you bring it?" I whisper. Handing me the herb I swallowed as I tucked it into the belt of my dress. "Are you sure this will make him sleep?"

"I am certain" Johnathan whispers. "Then we can kill the old-"

"Hush, Johnathan" I whisper placing a finger to his lips. "Please dont speak such harsh words even though they're true"

"I am sorry" he sighed and stroked my cheek with the softest of caresses. I sighed happily almost melting at his touch. "I just wish you were mine"

"I will be even though I believe my heart is yours... my body will also be yours soon. I'd give it you willingly if I could"

"You're taking... the other herb right?" Johnathan asked cautiously.

I nod slowly. "I will not bare his child" I almost snarl. Allowing my lover to pull me into his arms I relax.

"Calm, my love" he whispers.

"With you I always would be" I reply sincerely.

The End

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