Tristan: Something About YouMature

I slumped in the lunch room, eating my sandwich. Alone. As usual. I didn't particularly care for socializing with most of the morons in this school. Like the ones from the other day, kicking that girl's books around. They probably didn't even know her.

Then I spotted her. I don't know why, but I felt a sudden urge to go and introduce myself. I jumped up and shouted across the room to her.

"Hey, bookworm!" She turned her head towards me and I ran up, continuing, "It is you, right? The girl who got knocked in the hallway?"

"That's me," she muttered, looking down and seeming shy.

"I'm Tristan," I said, holding out my hand. She did't take it, just hugged her stomach tightly, as though I were going to hurt her. For some reason, that angered me. It said she didn't trust me. I felt a strange sense of hatred that I couldn't explain rise in me.

"Katie," she said, still hugging her stomach.

Katie. I thought. Why do you seem so familiar, Katie? "Do I know you?" I asked, then paused before continuing, "Like from somewhere else?"

She stepped away from me and said, "I don't think so." For some reason, that made the anger even more present. I narrowed my eyes and tried to scan hers, but she glanced away and sped off into the crowded lunch room.

I don't know why, but something about her - it was just odd. Like she feared me, deep down inside. Like I was some sort of dangerous animal she should avoid. It infuriated me. For some reason, I felt like I could kill her. But I didn't even know her - or, at least, I didn't think I knew her. But this inferno inside of me whenever I saw her - it was difficult to ignore.

Over the next several days, I watched her. She never saw me, but I watched her. There's something about you...

The End

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