Katie: Being BlamedMature

I spend my whole day in town only going home when I know my mother will be out drunk and my father wont be home yet. I'd met his mistress. It was no secret. My father had started this folly after my mother started drinking.

Strangely when I thought about my father with someone else it made my crawl. It felt so familiar but that couldnt be right, could it?


I do go to school the next day. Late. I might add and once I get there I sign in before going to hide in the libary. I take to the history section and tug down books on this towns history. I flick through them bored till the bell for lunch goes.

My stomach growls and I head the libary desk to take out the books. The libarian eyes me cooly and I look at my toes as she does. I take the books and shove them in my bag not willing to take the risk of carrying them around. I slip into the crowd of the school and notice people laugh then point as I walk. I hug my body tightly and rush straight to the lunch room.

I wait in the que and buy a sandwich before heading towards outside. "Hey, bookworm!" a guy calls. He races to catch up with me. "It is you right? The girl who got knocked in the hallway?"

"Thats me" I mutter.

"I'm Tristan" he says holding out a hand. I hug my stomachs not trusting this stranger. I dont know what it is. He just doesnt feel trust worthy.

"Katie" I says looking at him briefly.

"Do I know you?" Tristan says after a brief silence. "Like from somewhere else?"

"I dont think so" I say stepping away. Tristan looks at me with narrowed eyes and I hold back a shiver. "Excuse me" I then race off. I just want to get away from him. I saw the glint his eye when he looked at me then.

It was pure anger, like he wanted to kill me. Which is strange cause I dont know him. I slump on a bench outside looking through the gates to the town. Then I see him. The guy from yesterday. I jump to my feet and race up to the gate but he's already gone.

The End

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