Tristan: IdiotsMature

I walked down the hallway of the school, watching all of the idiots running down the halls and screaming. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a girl my age being slammed into, her books going all over the place. I kept walking and observed as the idiots began kicking the gir's books all over the hallway. I wanted to help her, but I soon had my own problems.

Another idiot, whose name I didn't care to know, rammed me against a locker and told me to pay up two dollars for "the senior fund". I had no intention of doing so, mostly because I was completely broke and partially because some people just needed to be shown they weren't in control.

The kid slammed my head back against the locker, and then punched me hard in the face. I prepared for a kick to the groin, but the kid was hauled away by a teacher.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"I'm fine," I responded, already walking away.

When school was out, I ran to my bicycle and rode all the way across town to the library. I wasted some time there, then rode over to a friend's house for a while. When it got near seven, I left and headed home. I walked in the front and slammed the door behind me. Dad woke up in the chair near the door.

"Why're you home so late?"

"I was here before I was supposed to be, wasn't I?"

"Where were you?"

"A friend's house."

"Whatever."  Dad settled back in with a beer and fell asleep shortly after that. Dad was kind of an idiot, too.

When Mom got home at around ten, I ran upstairs to bed. I had no intention of dealing with her crap tonight.

Life was just full of idiots.

The End

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