Jonathan: Such NonsenseMature

I turned and looked into the darkness as I heard footsteps move along the grass. In the silver beams of the moonlight appeared an angel in the form of my lovely Elizabeth. I do not use her surname for it disgusts me immensely to do so.

The skirts of her long layered gown flowed, and her chestnut hair shimmered white in the moonlilght, falling like a veil down her back, as she rushed daintily towards me.

Beneath the cherry blossom we had long ago christened as our sacred ground, she fell into my arms, and I let the weight of her tiny frame fall on mine. She was trembling.

"My lovely Elizabeth," I whispered. "What leaves you in such a state."

"I cannot continue," she gasped. "I live a lie, a brutal, immoral, destructive lie! And I fear that if I must continue, my dear Jonathan... I fear I may take my own life!"

Regardless of not knowing how sincere this threat was, I was struck with a fear so intense that it turned my stomach and twisted my heart.

"Please don't speak of such tragedies, Elizabeth. If I were to continue in a life where I didn't have you as my dear and beautiful lover, I too would be without will to live."

Elizabeth sobbed - a heartbreaking sound in the still darkness. She moved away from me, leaning her delicate form against the trunk of the tree.

"Look at us, Jonathan, my love. We speak of such nonsense."

"Perhaps not," I parried, the seed of a notion wriggling its way through the top layer of my brain, and immediately shooting a network of excited vibes through my body. I started to pace a little to work off some of the nervous energy. "Perhaps we don't speak nonsense, my love. Perhaps we have indeed hit on the very solution to our predicament. Perhaps we have found a way to set you free... A way for us to be together, properly."

"Jonathan!" Elizabeth exclaimed in horror. "You don't suggest we commit planned suicide?"

"On the contrary, my love," I said, feeling a sadistic grin slowly creep across my face. "It is not us that must die for you to be free, Elizabeth."

The horror did not leave her face - in fact, it may have even deepened.

"But... No... Jonathan, we... We couldn't!" she stammered.

"Yes. Yes, we could, my love. Just think about it - you would be liberated from the horrid ropes this marriage has tied you in. We could marry, my love. You could finally learn what is it to be happy, and I could learn how it is to make you happy."

She was crying again. I rushed in to embrace her. She slipped a little in my arms so I lowered her to the soft grassy ground, sat, and allowed her to curl up in my arms.

"I do love you, Jonathan," she whispered. "I would do anything for you."

"Is that a yes, my love?"

The End

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