Karma Will Always Catch UpMature

The Past - Two lovers wish to be together but one is married. The only way for them to be is for the husband to die.
The Present - Three teens are cursed by the Karma of their past lives. Will they sort it out before its too late.

Katie Ryans

I stumble through the confusing hallways. Iclutch my books to my chest and see people look then sneer. I lower my head feeling tears rising already. Stop being such a baby, I think to myself harshly. I stop in the hallway and take deep slow breaths. Then I'm knocked.

I gasp as my books fall from my arms as I stumble forward a bit. My books scatter. All three that I clutched to my chest. I watch in horror as people kick the books and trod on them. Then I glance to see who knocked me and see no one perticular just a swarm of people.

I turn back and chase after my book. People begin to watch and snicker. They then kick the books purposely and I skitter around now it tears. They stream down my face and once I've got all my books I race off for the bathroom. I barge in seeing girls doing up their make-up in the mirror. They glance at me but I race into a toilet cubicle locking the door quickly. I begin to cry hard sobbing into my hands.

The bell goes and the other girls leave but I stay there till a teacher comes to find me.


"You cant keep doing this, Katie" my mother says sharply making me wince. To be honest I dont see her as much as a mother anymore. I look at my feet and see the worn toes of my sneakers.

"Sorry, Mama" I mutter politely.

"You better me" she snaps. "If I have to pick you up again this week I will not be happy. No books for a month. Do you understand"

I shiver terrified and nod quickly. "Yes, mama. I understand" I whisper timidly. My mother grunts and pulls up at our new house. I jump out then wait for her and follow her up the steps then open the door for her letting her go in first. I close the door and then go upstairs once I know my mothers settled with a glass in her hand. I race up the steps.

I dump my bag at the end of my bed. I take my glasses off putting them down on the bedside table before collapsing onto my bed in tears. I sob my eyes out. Why cant I just have a normal life? Why not?

That night I go to bed without supper not daring to leave my room even when I hear father creep in late that night. Probably sneaking passed mother asleep drunk in the living room. Why do I have such a messed up family?

I dont sleep that night and find myself reading history books, science books. Basically any book stuffed with knowledge. When my alarm goes off at 7am I begin to pack and change. I always try and get out before mother wakes up. My father fine although I know he's being cheating. It doesnt bother me really its just another thing to add to our messed up family.

I relax when I'm outside feeling the cool air on my cheeks. I sigh and walk almost with a skip in my step. I head towards a cafe having no intention to go to school and knowing mum will be too drunk today to even pick up the phone.

As I do I notice someone. I turn to look but he's already round the corner. I feel myself deflate for reasons I dont understand and I walk of the rest of the way to the cafe with less of a skip.

The End

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