I knew I would have to tell them soon but it was still all too fresh in my mind, I wanted to stop them from feeling the pain that I had felt... I came to a clearing and sat down on the ground closing my eyes,

"Ambrose, you have to tell them. This is getting too dangerous, you can't do this on your own. Kiora is here, at least tell her." I ignored Rin and just sat there, I felt something wet land on my cheek, I ignored that too as it began to rain. I could feel Kiora watching me but I didn't say anything. It was the same as always, I was the weird one, the one no one could trust.

"You're going have to tell us soon," She murmured, I opened my eyes and glanced at her, she avoided my eyes and carried on, "Not about you, or whoever you saw..." Her voice trailed off, I glanced up at the sky and waited for her to carry on, she cleared her throat, "No, I didn't mean about you. I meant about us, you need to tell us about ourselves; no matter what reasons you have for not saying anything."

She finished, I didn't say anything, they had no idea what their exsistance meant for themselves. Didn't realize what pains would be felt before this ended. Being born into this world could have been the worst thing that happened to them... to us.

I turned round to watch her, she had felt the same pain as me. Felt the pain of losing someone close. Watching them fade away from your outstretched arms. Rin tried to put a hand on my shoulder but of course she couldn't. I opened my mouth and said,

"Who did you see...?" She turned around a smiled at me,

"Like you don't already know?" She said in a teasing voice, then she wiped the smile of her face and said, "It doesn't matter. I can tell yours was worse. See you later, Ambrose." She waved and fled through the rain.

I looked down at my hands, I thought back to all those years ago. The screaming, the fire. It was too much I clenched my hands and balled them into my eyes.

"This wasn't meant to happen," I said quietly to myself.

"Ambrose, I'm sorry. Please Ambrose you need to tell them..." I shook my head and tilted my head back up to the sky, I didn't move for ages.  Finally Rin appeared in front of me,

"Ambrose, it's getting late. You're soaking wet and shivering, please go back. Ambrose!" I didn't reply, just stared up at the sky blankly. I finally looked down at Rin, my eyes pleading,

"Rin, why? Why did this happen? I thought I could stop it from happening again but it's moving too fast. There's still thirteen out there, I haven't even gotten half, I mean even now they're being chased and I can't do anything. I can't let what happened to you happen to them."

Rin shook her, "We were too young to understand, you couldn't do anything. Stop blaming yourself for these things." I clenched my hands,

"No! I should have been able to save you!" Rin looked at me frustrated,

"No! That was the past. Stop living in the past! They need you here and now! How can you not see that?!" I looked at her shocked at the sudden outburst, she turned away. I got up slowly and moved away into the tree's, Rin called after me,

"Where are you going?!"

"Out!" I yelled,

"Fine! Run away Ambrose, you're still going to have to tell them!" I started to run through the trees, this was the first time Rin and I had argued, the sad thing was that I knew she was right.

I found myself wandering around aimlessly, I knew I couldn't go back to the house, I didn't want to face them yet. Soon the sun began to peek over the trees. I had been out all night, I felt myself sneeze,

"Oh great! Now I have a cold!" I muttered darkly, my whole body felt heavy, great!

"Dante!" I turned round to see a girl hurtling towards me, oh this is so gonna hurt! I moaned to myself as she tackled me.

"Ow, ow, ow" I said quietly as I tried to push her off me,

"Sorry" she gasped. Vela... Starlight, Rin had mentioned she was close a few days ago... along with, I think it was, Dante.

"No problem... Vela?" I said, trying to hide the  pain from being tackled. She looked up at me scared slightly . I began rubbing my chest, "Ow!" I whispered, that was going to leave a bruise. I noticed her looking at me and shook my head,

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you," She gave me her best skeptical look. I laughed, Rin appeared behind her, I frowned,

"What?" I wasn't sure if we had forgiven each other or not,

"Dante's over here, he's looking for the girl. I'm sorry Ambrose." I shook my head slightly and smiled a her before looking back at Vela, I sighed and gestured for her to follow me.

"Where are we going?" She said quietly.

"To find Dante,"  I replied distracted, "You could have told me sooner that there was someone else with you. Especially when we're being hunted." I knew I sounded snappish but I mean come on I hadn't had any sleep last night, and the cold was dulling my senses.

"I don't know you. Why would I tell you anything?" She retorted, I could hear the worry behind her voice.

"I get that you don't trust anyone other than Dante and i have no idea how to prove it to you; but you can trust me." Not like anyone else did... I thought to myself sourly.

She didn't say anything, I saw a boy run into my line of vision, I stopped and watched as Dante spotted Vela running towards her. Vela hugged him and said,

"I'm so sorry, I should never have left,"

"Don't ever do that again, Tiny!" Dante said worried, he glanced at me and had to do a double take. I rolled my eyes mentally,

"Who are you?" He said coldly but still polite.

"I'm Ambrose," I replied, "More commonly know as 'Ghost Boy'," I added dryly, I smiled slightly. I blinked as Vela burst out laughing.

I coughed, "Not that this isn't fun and all that but I do believe you have people chasing you?" Dante narrowed his eyes at me, about to ask how I knew that,

"Oh seriously, aren't you more worried about them than how I know about them? We're the same ok? Can you just deal with that for now and not do what everyone else did and bombared me with usless questions?" I said irritated. Vela tried to cover her laughter and I thought, oh god I sound like Kiora, that girl has finally rubbed off on me... great!

"Come on, might as well take you back to where the others are." Rin appeared in front of me and crossed her arms,

"What?" I said confused, she raised an eyebrow and I moaned,

"Please don't tell me we're going have to walk for ages?! Kiora's going to kill me... I'm sure about it." I whispered the last bit to myself,

"You better get moving then." Rin said, laughing,

"I'm getting the feeling you're enjoying this." Rin looked at me innocently,

"Whatever do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing!" I groaned and looked at Dante and Vela who were staring at me like I was crazy... I wasn't going to pass comment on that theory.

"Uh... yeah... I'll explain later. I should most likely get going if I want to keep this life the length it is." Vela gave me a look,

"You better get moving then." I looked at her shocked, she sounded so much like Rin. I shook my head and started off in a jog, I sneezed.

"You've got a cold, haven't you?" Vela said in an accusing tone,

"Oh shut up, you sound like my mother!" Vela snorted,

Rin hovered next to me,

"I told you!" She said in a sing song voice, I glared at her,

"Your so doing this to have fun." I sneezed again,

"Oh, let the endless joy begin" We carried on running,

Rin carried on hovering next to me,

"I don't see why I have to put in the effort while you're floating there like your on holiday!" Rin laughed and smirked,

"It's one of the many perks of dying."

"Oh, there's a cheery thought." Rin floated above my head,

"Well I have good news and bad news," I cut her short,

"I can live if it's not the goverment," Rin looked at me,

"I wouldn't be so sure, good news, your nearly there... bad news, Kiora's threatening your life." I stopped dead still and glanced back,

"Is it too late to find the goverment? Because to be honest, if it's a choice between Kiora and Deadsworth... I think I might just as well turn myself in."

"AMBROSE! Get your ghostly butt over here!"

"Damn, too late! Please, oh please let my powers work!" I ran through a tree just as Kiora threw a stick at where I had been standing a second before. I looked back from behind the tree,

"What is it with you and sticks?!" I said in a strained voice,

"Seriously!?" I said despairingly,

"Oh, would you like me to get a rock instead?!" Kiora yelled at me,  I chose that time to sneeze,

"Oh, damn!" I said to myself as Kiora marched forward and stood with her arms crossed in front of her,

"Just because you have a cold, which is totally your fault, dosen't mean I'm not going to murder you. It's just not in my nature to forgive. I will you five seconds head start though - since I'm feeling generous." I gulped.

The End

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