Close CallMature


After the first batch of sticky buns was done, Xaoc happily dug into his. Just as I was about to take my first bite, Chilaili stepped through the door. I got another bun and put some frosting on it, then handed it to her on a plate. She took it and ate it ravenously, then joined in our conversation. 

“Do you think its snowing Germany?” Chilaili asked randomly. THAT was random, somebody must have had a late night last night. "I have to go now," she said abruptly standing up. “Thank you for looking at my cuts yesterday Nen," she added quickly as she turned and headed upstairs. As she turned her face and the sun flashed across it I noticed her cheeks were tear-stained. What was wrong? I wondered. It wasn't any of my business though, and I really didn't have the courage to go up and ask, so I let her hurry back upstairs. At least, I thought, I had provided her with a good breakfast. 

When all the buns had been cooked I turned to Xaoc, "I'm trusting you not to eat these," I said, giving him a suspicious look. 

He looked at me innocently, "Me? Never!" 

"Uh-huh, I see those horns under your halo," I replied, "you had just better not eat any, no matter how much you want to." 

Xaoc sighed, defeated, "Oh alright, you're a cruel one you know." 

I flashed him a smile, then turned and left to go outside to see if I could practice my newfound ability. I went a little ways from the house, so that it was out of view then lay on the ground, sensing the water beneath the surface. I closed my eyes and sent myself through it. I traveled a long way then finally found a place where the water reached the surface, it was a lake. I looked around, there were government people all over! I saw the building where they had shot Kiora. Then I had an idea, if I could see that bathroom, then maybe...I went back underground and moved in the direction of the building. I soon came in contact with it's water pipes and got in through there. I moved in and around until I got to a sink. It was in a kitchen, a cook was in there making something...I wasn't sure what it was but I felt sorry for whoever had to eat it, because it really didn't look or smell all that good. 

I sudden sound startled me out of my spying. I looked up to see a man in camo with a sniper, moving in the direction of the house. He obviously didn't know it was there, but if he kept in that direction he would definitely figure it out. I again felt the flow of water underground, so I pulled some of it up in a direction opposite the house and made sure that it made plenty of noise. The man immediately turned and moved to find the source. I made the water come up again, a little farther off, and the sniper ran charged off in the direction of the noise. 

I heaved a sigh of relief, that had been close! I turned and headed for the house, after I had checked to make sure there was no one else around of course. That was a good start to a day! Saving someone's life...

The End

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