I decided from now on I wouldn't be a burden to anyone I was with my parents because then I wouldn't have to be punished. Maybe that why I was took away, was because I was such a bad girl I had to be punished more than ever?

I shook my head, telling my-self not to be silly I went to end room, it would have been brilliant if not covered in dust, There was a bed in the middle of the room, and Chester drawers, I opened item and found material I grinned I could help. My grandma taught me to make clothes ! I could make them new clothes. The next draw down contained dresses. I gasped I had never seen anything more elegant in my life. I slipped one on it was a dark blue with a high neck with no sleeves and came to my knee. I smiled it was better than my ripped one.

I went to the window seat and gazed up at the stars, here I felt safe away from the rush of life. Away from the government and there cruel people. I wanted Kiora with me I didn't know where she was and she was with Nen. What if he went mad like he did at me. Tears welled up in my eyes. What if I never saw her again.

I heard an angelic voice it was calming to listen to, I stood up and followed the sound, I slowly opened the door I saw the girl from before in seating at the window singing softly I walked up and placed my hand softly on her shoulder. She yelped hitting her head.

I moved away "Sorry! Sorry!" I blurted out feeling guilty, she looked over at me for a while, wondering what to say.

"W-whats y-your name?" she stuttered, gazing into my eyes.

"Evelyn." I whispered scared I was going to be punished for hurting her "I'm sorry that I stopped you from singing. Your voice is beautiful."

"Thanks," she replied blushing. "My name is Chilaili." she reached out I thought she was going to hurt me, but she stopped pain filling her eyes. I looked down and, grinned at the large cut on her arm. So I picked her up gently and placed her on the bed.

"What's your power?" I asked moving the out of her face like my grandma once did.

"Power? I... I don't know." she stuttered

"Oh..." I replied, I began to play with my hair a habit I could not loose.

"Ecuador." she blurted out, surprising her-self and I

"What?" I asked, I was utterly confused.

"Therese snow... in Ecuador." she repeated slowly.

"Oh." I said, I smiled softly, she could sense snow maybe she controlled it. A silence filled the room, it wasn't awkward it was pleasant. It just felt nice to not be alone any more.
Then I could sense her again "Kiora is back!" I squealed, feeling my whole body warm up. "I have to go now. It was nice meeting you." I grinned before turning around and walking out the room.

I ran down the hall and knocked on the door I heard people moving and Nen answered the door, Oh no I began to worry was she even worse. “Can I see Kiora?” I whispered not meeting his eyes. He smiled and nodded. He moved out of my way as I rushed into the room.

“Kiora” I squealed as she pulled me into a hug. “Don't you ever do that to me again do you hear that all I have been doing lately is wondering about your safety” I sniffled.

She brushed the hair out of my face “You are the worrier arnt you, but look at you your dress is very pretty where did you find it” she beamed and all my worried melted away. We talked for along time I told her about the house, then our interests thought we both knew each others straight away and that made us laugh. But there was one thing we didn't talk about and that was my family I guess she knew how sensitive I was about it.

Some one shouted something about food I told Kiora I want hungry and on cue my tummy rumbled. I blushed and ran down stairs. The food was divine, it burned my mouth but I didnt care I was to hungry.

Later on we all gathered round explaining our lives how we were caught but I told them briefly why I didn't want them to know how much my family hated me. I slipped out of the room and began cleaning. I scrubbed the kitchen until it was gleaming.

I was covered in dust and was exhausted, I dragged my-self up the stairs and collapsed on the bed and began too dream, of course like always home life haunted me in my dreams. I was woke up screaming, I was panting, I pulled my knees up and softly cried to my-self.

Someone put there hand on my shoulder. I jumped up “Sorry” I sobbed “Please don't punish me please I didn't mean to” Some one pulled me into there arms I was a lot smaller than them.

“Hey hush now Evelyn, your safe I promise you I wont punish you it was a bad dream” Xoac hushed he held me as I cried. I felt exhausted. He helped me lye down in the bed. I cloesed my eyes but held on his top.

“Don't leave me” I murmured “He's going to come and get me, he said he would” He sat next to me on the bed and brushed my hair.

“Who will get you?” He whispered.

“Daddy” I whispered falling into a deep sleep.

The End

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