I ate the food Nen had thoughtfully prepared for me. It was delicious. Honestly, I couldn't cook a thing!

Ignoring his protests, I swung myself off the bed and followed him downstairs. I could feel his disapproval and anxiety. I rolled my eyes. Sure, I'd been shot but I'd survived too; thus proving it'd take more than a bullet to take me down.

Nen cooked for everyone and then they all gathered. I quickly counted. Eight of us, including myself, were in that kitchen. Eight teenagers from all across the world had come together because of 'special powers' and being chased by the f-ing government people.

I moved over to a girl who looked about my age (17) and very nervous but also very strong and confident as well. She was tall and slim and her skin was a gorgeous tone. She was very beautiful but I could sense she wasn't one of those people who flaunt their beauty about. I liked her instantly.

"Hi, I'm Kiora. I have some weird connection with the Dark which basically means I can create darkness and dark blasts. God knows what else it is I do. Or maybe I should say Ghost Boy knows what else I can do but good luck trying to get Ambrose to explain anything to us," I rolled my eyes and the girl smiled slightly, "What's your name, girl?"

"I am Zahra. I, um, turned into a bird but even now I'm not sure what it means or even how I did it," Zahra murmured.

"Join the club," I said, "Ambrose is the only one who knows everything and he doesn't tell us a Goddamn thing. Evelyn over there," I jerked my head towards where I knew Evelyn was standing, "Told me what little she knows. She said her Grandma told her stories about the twenty-two people with special powers."

"Twenty-two?" Zahra repeated uncertainly. I nodded and gave her a sympathetic look.

"Kiora?" I heard Nen call to me. I smiled apologetically at Zahra.

"It was nice talking to you," I said, "No doubt we'll get to know each other better in the next few days. Something tells me we're all stuck together for a while." Zahra gave me a quick, sweet smile and I walked over to Nen.

"What is it?" I asked as I neared.

"Are you really sure you're strong enough to be up?" Nen muttered.

"Yes, jeesh, you worry too much, kiddo," I replied equally quiet.

"Who're you calling 'kiddo'?" Nen flashed me a grin.

"You, obviously," I said smoothly. Before her could reply I turned quickly and called across the room, "Hey, Ghost Boy!"

"Yes, Little and Dark?" Ambrose called back.

"Hey! I ain't little!" There were several laughs. When it died away I continued, "I was thinking it'd be a good idea if we all told each other what happened to all of us. Pretty much just explaining how the government people found us, what powers we know we have and such."

Ambrose looked reluctant but before he spoke, Xaoc interrupted.

"I have no idea what my power is and I have no idea how the government people found me because I've lost my memory and Ambrose won't tell me anything about myself."

"Not 100% sure what my powers are but I was on holiday when the government people found me. I spoke to a pigeon. Honestly. I could understand every word it was saying. Then I transformed into a pigeon when the government caught up with me but it wore off and they caught me. I escaped again, met Xaoc and joined up with y'all in that cave," Zahra explained.

"I snuck out the house and created balls of light. The government people found me there," Evelyn's story was brief and only I understood her hesitation in talking about... anything really.

The others - with the exception of Ambrose (obviously) - rattled off their stories. I was the last to speak and when I was done, everyone turned to Ghost Boy.

"What about you, Ambrose?" Nen asked him. I think I was the only one to notice his blank look while we'd been talking and the flash of pain when Nen prompted him. Oddly, I could sense his sadness. Maybe that bullet had messed me up more than I thought. Ambrose glanced at me then his sadness was gone... or maybe saying his sadness was in better control would be more appropriate.

Ghost Boy stood up and walked from the room. Silence followed his departure.

"What did I say?" Nen asked worried.

"Ghost Boy's... got issues," I answered. I understood issues all too well. I recognized the signs of Ambrose's 'issues'.

"Can we really trust him? You said yourself he doesn't tell us 'a Goddamn thing'," Zahra spoke up.

"I was stating facts. He doesn't tell us anything but... we can trust him. I do. He saved my life," I took a deep breath, "Some things are simply too hard to talk about. Trust me, I know."

Nen wrapped his arms around my waist but I gently extracted myself from his embrace. I walked out after Ambrose.

A ghost was talking to me and I wanted to know what they were saying.

The End

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