"She's gone! Kiora's not following us anymore!" A voice shouted, it cut through the silence like a knife.

The boy that was holding onto me stopped, turning around and whispering sharply at the others. They gradually stopped too, looking into the trees.

I could feel myself being passed around; a few murmurs were exchanged before I was set on the ground. My aching back rested against a tree, the rough bark comforted me in a way I could not understand.

The presence of the others surrounded me; they were crouching and standing around the tree, debating in hushed voices. Uneasy glances were passed between them, they shot quick looks at a girl who was lying limply in a boys arms, muttering a name over and over again, it sounded like Kiara but I couldn't tell. It was like my ears had closed up.
After what felt like days I was picked up again, strong arms were wrapped gently around me, protecting me from the harsh cold. I could feel my mind drifting back to Denmark. Back to the life I'd once had. Images of my best friend and family flicked through my aching brain quickly, like a slideshow of my life. Was this someone from above showing me the precious life I'd once had before they took me into the sky? Was this my final hour, minute, second?

I groaned as pain shot up my left arm. I stared at it, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. A large gash snaked up my arm; the disgusting sight turned my stomach.

I heard a voice from above me, maybe this was it.

"Hello? What's your name?" I felt foolish; the voice had just been the boy carrying me.

"Chil... chil..." I struggled to form words; my voice had decided to close up just like my ears. I'd used the last of my strength to talk to Ambrose.

"Hey Chil." The boy replied smiling, whilst running at full speed.

A dark object loomed in front of us, a chill rushed down my spine. It had the same shape as the house in Denmark. I could almost picture the huge window shattering into shards at my feet.

"I guess its good they didn't lock the back door then" I said weakly, trying to ease away the tension I had in my heart. Everyone laughed quietly before discussing the safety of the building. A decision was made, and they slowly began walking towards the ruined front door.

The house was furnished with antique furniture. It would have been beautiful if it hadn't been covered in an inch of dust. Dirtiness hung in the air like a thick curtain. They crept into the kitchen; stacks of plates and cutlery were left on the draining board, all traces of water long gone.

"Whoever lived here left in a hurry." One of them muttered, tracing his finger along the dirty surface and showing us his now filthy hand. The girl, who had weakly been crying for ‘Kiara,' nodded in agreement.

"We need to clean this place." She said softly. We turned in different directions; the boy that had been holding me climbed the weak stairs.

"I'm Dakarai by the way." He had a slightly African sounding accent. I smiled, remembering my best friend who had also come from Africa. "Is your name really Chil?" He whispered.

"No." I croaked, "It's Chilaili. Can I go in that room over there please?" I pointed weakly at the room at the end. He grinned, opening the door with his back. Smiling down at me, he placed me on a bed. It sunk under my weight.

"Try and get some sleep... when Ambrose, Nen and Kiora get back someone will help you with your cuts." He turned around, closing the door softly behind him.
I tried to close my eyes and drift off, but something was keeping me awake. I slowly got up, crossing the room to the window. The garden was overgrown and weeds had snaked up the broken shed that stood in the corner. I glanced back around the room, a few pieces of furniture were scattered around carelessly. I ripped a bit of my shirt, using it to rub the dust from the large oak bookcase. I opened a drawer, a large candle stood inside next to a box of matches. I thanked whoever was watching over me, candles always calmed me down and eased my pain. Smiling, I lit it, standing it delicately on the windowsill. Light covered the room, spilling into all the cracks.
Despite the pain that was shooting through my body I sat down and began singing. I began loosing myself in the sound, letting it flow freely through my body.
I felt a hand rest on my shoulder, yelping I turned around, hitting my head on the large windowsill.

"Sorry! Sorry!" A girl said. She had long, tangled hair. It was light blonde, almost white. I stared in scared awe of her beauty, trying to find words to say.

"W-whats y-your name?" I stuttered, staring into her eyes.

"Evelyn." She whispered, "I'm sorry that I stopped you from singing. Your voice is beautiful."

"Thanks," I replied blushing. "My name is Chilaili." I reached out to shake her hand but the pain stopped me abruptly. She noted the pain in my eyes, grimacing at the large cut on my arm. Swiftly she picked me up, her strength shocked me. She was so petite. She smiled at me, gently lowering me onto the bed.

"Whats your power?" She asked, moving my hair from my eyes.

"Power? I... I don't know."

"Oh..." She replied, she began to play around with her long hair.

"Ecuador." I blurted out, surprising Evelyn and myself.

"What?" She asked, a puzzled look on her face.

"Theres snow... in Ecuador." I said slowly, confusion filling me.

"Oh." She said, a knowing smile on her face. A silence filled the room, it wasn't awkward it was pleasant. It just felt nice to not be alone anymore.
"Kiora is back!" She squealed, her whole body lit up. "I have to go now. It was nice meeting you." She grinned before turning around and walking out the room.


"Dinner!" I heard someone yell from downstairs. My stomach growled, but I grinned at the thought of a proper meal. Gradually I forced my aching body towards the delicious scent of food.

The End

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