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I woke up feelnig someone arms around me, I felt small and secure the smell of the person was different it was musky but in a appealing way. I shot my eyes Open to see it was infact Xaoc holding me. I began to worry, where were we going what had Happened?

"Oh I see you have awaken from you sleep, dont panik Ill explain when we are safe promise" I nodded I searched for Kiora I sensed she was being carried by Nen, I surpessed a  shudder, Xoac noticed it and held me closer thinking I was cold.

Then the connection between stopped, They werent following us "She's gone! Kiora's not following us anymore." I shouted, I was searching for her she was further back hiding with Nen.

We slowed down, Ambrose walked over to the othe boy, I didnt know his name. He put thte injured girl down put the back packs on and faced Xaoc and I."I'll go find them. You guys go find somewhere to hide, Rin will guide me to you ok?"  All I could do was nod not trusting my voice.

We carried   on running ahead, when we saw an old house. Well house it was huge many rooms there. It looked run down no-one had been there for a long time. I looked up at Xoac "Maybe we should have a look around Dakarai,it looks safe from the goverment and other people" He said looking at the boy, I guessed that was his name.

"We might as well we have lost them and Ambroses ghosty friend Rin will bring them here" He awnsered back.

"C-Can you put me down I want to walk" I mumbeled to Xaoc, he smiled slightly at hearing me talk. he Nodded he placed me on my feet. I swayed as the pain surred up my back. So he placed his arm round my waist taking some of my weight so my back didnt hurt as much and I was grateful for that.

We walked up to the house. the plants had died all round it, the windows were dirty and you couldnt see inside. We walked up the steps Xoac stopped and looked at me I nodded smiling weakly, he took a deep breath and turned the door handle. it turned and opened with a creak.

"I guess its good they didnt look door back then" Chuckled The girl weakly from Dakari arms. We walked inside. The house was furnished it needed a good clean but it would do.

We carried our searches to the Kitchen, plates cutely was on the draining bored. "Who ever lived here left in a hurry" Murmered Xaoc. I nodded in agrement. and decided it would do some cleaning in this place. There were any bedrooms. Twenty two to be precise. Then it came to me in a flash.

Maybe what my Grandma said was true 22 chosen people controling the elements Maybe this is where they live. That means there were many more people out there like us confused scared and running for their lives. That scared me how long has the govement been hunting us down for. I needed to find out, maybe kiora knew or the others. Once they got here I needed to ask them. What the hell is going on and what am I ?

The End

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