Lost and FoundMature


I was on the brink of sleep when I heard Nen get up suddenly, he looked at me and I glanced out of the cave to see a beam of light searching in the woods,

'RIN!' I hissed to myself silently, the result was instant,

What?! What I do? What's happening?? She appeared in front of me rubbing her eyes, she was wearing a yellow dress this time. I gave her a look and crossed my arms,

"So you have time to change and not notice that?" I said pointing at the beam of light. Rin looked back confused,

"They must be using a cloaking, how was I meant to know to look for that?! To me they seemed like a fox or something!" I shook my head and glanced back to see Nen whisper,

"We gotta run!" He pointed towards the beam of light and I watched as it moved slightly closer. Nen picked up Kiora and Xaoc picked up Evelyn, they began to move away from the beam of light, Dakarai picked up the supplies and looked at Chilaili,

"Don't worry I've got her." I whispered giving him a shoo wave of my hand. I went over to Chilaili, I bent down and looked at her,

"Can you walk yet?"

"No... Sorry." I shook my head and said,

"No worries... do you mind?" I said crouching down and getting ready to carry her, she shook her head and said,

"I don't mind." I gave her a smile and picked her up gently, she was lighter then I thought but my arm and leg still protested, I flinched slightly and she gave me a worried look, I began to run after the others. I soon caught up to them and whispered to Chilaili,

"You ok and all that?" She just looked at me and I said,

"Ok, so that wasn't the smartest question to ask." My leg and arm were now screaming in protest, I narrowed my eyes and pushed futher forward, I caught up to Xaoc and Dakarai saying,

"Come on this way." They nodded, we began to move faster through the trees, trying to avoid the other beams of light that had joined the others. Evelyn suddenly said,

"She's gone! Kiora's not following us anymore." I glanced behind me, it was true, I couldn't see Nen or Kiora. I slowed down and put Chilaili down against a tree, I went over to Dakarai and put the back packs on,

"I'll go find them. You guys go find somewhere to hide, Rin will guide me to you ok?" They all nodded and I began to back track the way we had come.

"Rin follow the others will you?"

Ok, be careful Ambrose. I smiled and said,

"Aren't I always?"

Do you want me to answer that? Then she was gone, I slowed down slightly and walked over to a tree, I tapped the bark slightly and whispered,

"Hey! Anyone home?" I watched as a little ghost boy peeked around the other side of the tree,

"I'm lost, can you help me find my mummy?" I flinched, another child who had died alone.

"I'm sorry, I need you to help me find my friends." The little ghost boy shook his head,

"No! Don't leave me! I'm lonely..." I sighed and knelt down,

"Hey kid... How can I put this? You're not... alive. You can see a light right?" The boy glanced behind me and moved futher behind the tree,

"Your mum's waiting for you on the other side... Will you help me and then you can see your mum again." The boy looked up at me with wide eyes,

"How do you know that? How do you know mummy's waiting for me?" I felt someone brush against my mind,

"She's there right now. She wants to see you Tom, don't keep her waiting." I rested my hand on his head, the thing was that I could touch ghosts when other people couldn't it had something to do with being able to see them.

"Will you help me? My friends are lost and I need to guide them home." The boy nodded and pointed off into the trees,

"I saw a boy carrying a girl running over there, their sitting under a tree by a small creek." I nodded and held a hand out to the boy,

"Come on, time to go see your mum," The boy took my hand and moved away from the tree, he walked a few paces away and turned around and said,

"Thank you mister... I hated being alone, I was so cold... It hurt so badly." I closed my eyes, when I looked back the boy was gone. I clenched my hand into a fist and began to move in the direction he had pointed.

"Forget this!" I muttered darkly to myself, I began to fade through the trees and soon came to the place that Kiora and Nen were sitting, I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing out loud. I moved over to the tree that they were leaning against and watched as they leaned closer together, I couldn't help myself.

I suddenly appeared out of the tree above Nen's head,

"Boo!" Kiora yelped in surprise and Nen jumped forward, I fell out of the tree laughing. I couldn't stop laughing for a couple of minuets, when I did finally get my laughter under control I sat down wiping tears from my eyes and looked up to see both Nen and Kiora glaring at me. I held up my hands in surrender,

"I'm sorry it was too tempting. Now I wonder what you were doing at this time of night?" I said grinning, Nen blushed and turned away, Kiora turned red and picked up a stick,

"You have ten seconds Ghost Boy." I made an 'Ahh' sound and dodged as Kiora threw the stick at me, I hide behind the tree and faded my head through,

"Hey! Hey! I'm sorry!" Kiora just gave me a look and threw another stick at the tree, I pulled my head back and then was suddenly drenched through. I heard Nen burst out laughing, I came back from round the tree and shook my head,

"Ha Ha very funny! I see you've found your ability." Nen smiled at me smugly and held out a hand,

"No hard feelings?" I looked at the hand, I had no idea what I was meant to do, Kiora shook her head and said,

"You take his hand." I raised my eyebrow and clenched hands with Nen.

"Come on the others are waiting."

The End

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