I was trapped, in a tiny white room. I could feel the walls closing in on me, squeezing out every last breath I had. I sat cross-legged alone in the middle, considering what way would be best to escape. My answer came out of nowhere, when the thick, metal door swung open to reveal a balding old woman. She gestured to me, her scrawny hands moving surprisingly swiftly. 

 I rose up, uncertain of what I should do. This woman could be anyone; she could be taking me to my death. Though, she could be taking me to my freedom. I walked over cautiously, a part of me wanted to speed up, another said to stay away.

 “Come with me, sweetheart.” She whispered. Her accent was English, it sounded vaguely like the Queen’s. . Despite my surroundings and situation, I giggled at the thought of the Queen of England coming to save me. An impatient look flicked across the woman’s face, but she quickly replaced it with a beaming smile and a quick wave of her hand.

 I swallowed my fear, and crossed the room rapidly towards her. She grabbed my hand and we scurried down the hallway, her heels clicking against the floor. 5 minutes passed, and the frail old woman showed no signs off stopping. Finally we reached a wooden door. She let go of my hand, shoving her own into her coat pocket. Finally, pulling out a key, she unlocked the door and ushered me in. I looked around and my surroundings. I was standing in a petite room; it was smaller than the one I’d been in previously. The only two objects that filled the room were a bed and a table, on the table was a kettle, a few mugs, and two lone teabags.

 “Sit.” She said softly, pointing towards the bed. I sat obediently, I felt threatened by this withered old woman. “Tea?” She asked, staring straight at me.

 “Sure…” I whispered, my shy side shining through. “As long as it’s not a bother…”

 “Of course not dear.” She turned her back to me, preparing the tea. The kettle screamed as it warmed up, it bought back troubling memories of the past three days.

 “How do you like it sweetheart?” She said, turning round to face me. I muttered my reply, trying to fade into the background.

She handed me the cup, it was dainty with flowers painted around the base. She was so… mature, yet she acted so young. She could probably run faster than any normal adult or teenager.

 She stared at me over the rim of her cup, her green eyes staring straight into my own.

 “How…” I began, not sure how to finish.

 “How did I find you?” She finished for me. “My dear, I could tell when they dragged you into the room that you were in trouble-” She was interrupted by a shrill ring tone, casually she reached back into her pocket, pulling out a midnight black brick-phone.

 “Hello? Yes, yes of course I do.” She paused. “No I don’t have a freaking gun. I have something better. No, no. No they did not have a gun. I’m not sure where the hell we are, somewhere near Scotland. Yes you stupid man. Yes. No. Goodbye.”

I paused, tension flicking through me. Gun? Scotland?

“That,” she said chuckling, “was my boss. He runs a… rare breeds farm… and…I do the dirty job of um... slaughtering the pigs.” She was looking at my face; I must have had an uneasy expression because she began trying to make me feel better. “But the pigs have lovely lives my dear! Mmhm, they do! They have lovely, lovely lives. Lots of trees and… err… truffles. Yes, lovely. Drink your tea now dear, don’t want it getting cold now do we!”

 I lowered my face towards the mug, but then another thought hit me like a ton of bricks.

 “We’re going to Scotland?” I asked, panic filling me. “The only way to get from Scotland to Denmark is by going to England, then going through the Eurostar… then going through France, then um…”

The woman laughed, a smile lit up on her face. “Oh no, no, no! We are not going to Scotland. We’re going to England of course! You didn’t know?”

“Um no…” I said, deciding now would be a good time to drink the tea that was growing cold in my hands. The old woman next to me began rambling on about ‘beautiful England.’ Soon enough I’d stopped paying attention.

 “Almonds.” I muttered, loud enough for her to hear.

 “What?” She said, an uneasy look began spreading across her face.

 “Almonds… is this almond tea Miss?”

”Ohhh… oh well yes it is.” She said, a forced grin plastered across her face. “Almond Tea… My speciality! I hope you enjoyed!”

 To be honest, I did not enjoy it. I didn’t like almonds in the first place, and these tasted bitter. Maybe it was just the fact that the whole room was beginning to spin.

 “Miss… I…. I don….  I don’t… Feel… very well… Miss…” I muttered, I could feel sweat dripping off my forehead. Through my blurring eyes, I saw her get off the bed and tell me to lie down. She murmured something about seasickness.

 Everything went black.


I’m not sure what woke me; I wasn’t sure if it was the harsh whip that had cut across my back, or the awful sound it had made. I wasn’t sure if it was the hellish nightmare that I’d just awoken from, or the blistering heat of the room. Either way, I was awake and I hated it.

 Two large men stood behind me, one held a whip the other a gun. They forced it against my head, trying to scrape out information.

 “I really don’t know where EE-Immortal is… please…” I’d whimpered, desperate to get out of this hellhole.

 “Tell us where they are, stupid little fairy!” One of the men had a thick Scottish accent, the other sounded slightly Scouse.

 “Okay then…” the other said slowly, “Where is that little water fairy? You’ve got to have some connection with that little idiot…” The Scottish idiot guy said loudly

“Water… no… I don’t even know what you’re talking about…” I panted out, they didn’t hear, they were to busy debating about the opposite of snow.

"The opposite of snow is Earth dumbass."

"How do we even know she has an opposite? For goodness sakes!"

 Everywhere in my body ached, pain shot through my body like a hundred arrows being shot to the heart at the same time. I screamed in pain as one of them turned and whipped me again, it thrashed against my fragile back.

 “Oh… you’re weak. Just like our Danish buddies said, weak weak weak. You’re an embarrassment. To us, humans, even your little fairy buddies. You’re scrawny, fragile; and we’re going to break you like a piece of glass.”

 “I’m… not… a… freaking… fairy…” I retorted, instantly regretting it as the harsh whip slapped against my back. I screamed in pain, shouting out names I’d never heard before and trying to break free of the chains.

 “Silence, you little fairy.” The Scouse man ordered, putting the gun to my head.

 I didn’t stop; death would be better than this. He pulled the trigger, and for the second time that day, everything turned into darkness.



The End

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