BAM! A gunshot. BAM! another. Only one thing that could just have happened, I screamed and charged through the door in time to see Kiora fall as she clutched her stomach. My jaw clenched, as I ran to her, I ripped of the bottom of my T-shirt and tied it around her wound to help stop the bleeding.  Her breathing came in short, painful gasps and I could see the pain in her eyes. 

Her eyes started to close sleepily...that was not good, she was losing to much blood! If she fell asleep she might not ever wake up again! "No! You listen to me Kiora! Don't you dare close your eyes! Stay awake!" I said desperately almost shouting. I lifted her head up and supported it with my arm. Her eyes stayed open but I could tell she still wasn't completely conscious. I felt so helpless! I wished that I could just make her wound go away and stop her bleeding...but all I could do was sit here and make sure she stayed awake and didn't go into shock. 

I vaguely heard fighting in the background but I just didn't care...somehow I had managed to fall in love with Kiora, I'm no quite sure how it happened. The others started to gather Kiora and me, "She'll live if we can get her help," Ambrose told me, I felt a surge of hope, she is going to live! "Nothing vital was hit and fortunately it hit no bones," Ambrose continued, "But she's losing blood. Fast."

"Let's get her help then!" I practically roared.

Dakarai, who had been collecting medical supplies for Ambrose, took my makeshift bandage off of Kiora and quickly wrapped gauze in it's place. I watched as red spread across the bandage, growing bigger. Dakarai wrapped another layer of gauze around Kiora and the red stain didn't spread much farther. I carefully picked Kiora up and held her close to me. She was slipping in to sleep, there was nothing I could do to stop her this time and I knew it. I had to trust that she was strong enough to recover anyways. 

"Nen," she murmured sleepily through a haze of pain, "Nen...I...I love...I love you." Then she propped her head against my shoulder and fell asleep.

At least she isn't in pain anymore

"I love you too," I whispered and clutched her tighter as we escaped back to our tunnel. 

Almost as soon as I had entered the cave Evelyn came running up, an expression of horror plastered on her face, "You promised you would be safe Kiora," she whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes as I carefully put her down, elevating her legs so that she wouldn't go into shock. 

At that point Ambrose came into the cave and started to lay out the stolen medical supplies near Kiora. What if he messed up and made her worse? I hesitantly put my hand on his shoulder, "We don't have time for this! She's dying! If I don't do something she won't survive, Rin will tell me what to do, she knows about this sort of thing. So just go and wait out of my way!" he snapped then turned back to his work. 

I startled back, his sudden outburst had taken me by surprise. I had no idea who in the world Rin was...must be one of those ghosts he is always talking to. I moved over to watch Ambrose as he worked. I may not be a doctor...but it isn't like I haven't taken first aid, health, and home-ec; so I knew the basics. I watched as he disinfected her wound, then stitched it up.  When he was done I moved back to Kiora and moved her head onto my lap, making a soft pillow for her and making it so that when she woke up her neck wouldn't be sore and then I settled down and began unconsciously stroking her smooth hair. 

I watched the slow rise and fall of her chest as she slept until eventually the rhythm lulled me into a light sleep as well. I woke up to a snapping sound, I looked around me, everyone was asleep but I saw a beam of light searching through the woods a little ways from the cave. I quickly got up and woke everyone up, "We gotta run!" I whispered and pointed to the light. 

They all nodded, Xaoc picked up Evelyn and I picked up Kiora and we all ran quietly in the direction opposite of the light source. I heard the baying of dogs in the distance and started to run faster. But Kiora every time I jostled her Kiora's face twisted with pain, so I had to slow down. I heard the dogs gaining on us and I watched as the rest of the group pulled farther and farther away. 

It wasn't long after I had lost sight of the rest of the group that I heard the dogs barking loud and clear, they weren't more than 20 meters away and they were still gaining. That's when I felt the underground water, and I realized that I could use that, I turned ninety degrees and pulled the water up behind me to disguise my scent; then watched as the dogs ran past, followed closely by some of the government people.

I heaved a relieved sigh and sat down, clutching Kiora closer as her eyes flickered open. She started to moan but it turned into a whimper as her pain sharpened. I clutched her to me protectively, "Wh-where am I?" she asked hesitantly.

The End

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