I was running as fast as I could. I always had been athletic and was thankful all over again for that fact. I skidded around the corner of the corridor and threw myself outside. I had thought this was an empty building but had come across two people in black with guns. Vela and I had met them before but always managed to escape. Why did they want us? Why wouldn't they leave us alone?
I saw Vela hovering around, waiting for me. Her relief when she saw me was short lived when the first shot was fired.
"Run!" I yelled at her and grabbed her arm, pulling her into action. She began to move quickly. Vela was fast for a sixteen year old girl but not fast enough.
Perfectly in time, I created a smokescreen as she created her 'blobs' of light.
"Five," I began.
"Four," she continued.
"One," I finished and we heard the 'blobs' explode. We heard the two men cry out in shock and pain. Vela grinned at me but it faded when she saw my serious face.
We stopped off at a store and bought some food. We didn't have a lot of money. Our only income was my doing a few deliveries for people. When we'd reached an empty cave I started a fire. Then I rounded on her.
"I thought you were supposed to sense for traps," I snapped.
"I can't do it consistantly," she retorted, "You know we don't control our 'gifts' that well."
"You seemed to create those explosive lights easily," I accused.
"Implying what? That I wanted you to be caught? That's bull, Dante, I would never do that and you know it. We've been together for a long time now. You're all I have. There's no way on earth I'd do something like that."
She was right. My tension had made me lash out at her. I'd found out I was different when I was sixteen when I'd created a ball of lava out of nothing. I'd dropped it in shock and it had burned through the table and landed on the lead bully's very expensive bag. To say the least, he wasn't very happy. I got death threats and they chased me home everyday. So I'd run away. No one had missed me, not even my foster family.
I'd found Vela when she was fifteen and I was seventeen. I was passing by her house when I heard screaming inside. I peered through the window and saw a man hitting Vela over and over.
"You're a freak!" He'd yelled at her. I saw that the lounge had been seriously damaged... like an explosion had occured. There were small fires here and there. I had dithered, not knowing what to do. The man stopped beating Vela and ordered her to clean up. I'd hidden as he came out of the house and walked off.
I'd peeked in the window again and saw her struggling to put the fires out. I wished I could help but my appearance might have scared her further. The second I'd thought that the fires had died out. Vela had blinked then shrugged. Her acceptance of strange things stunned me.
I watched over Vela for the next few days. One night her father (the man) had kicked her out for the night. She'd wandered aimlessly through the dark streets with me following. She ran into a group of men. Here's what happened.
"Hey, babe, you're looking a little rough around the edges," one laughed, "Want us to sort that out, hon?"
"No thank you," Vela said politely and backed away to cross the street when one grabbed her.
"C'mon, love, it won't take long," he whispered. She began struggling but they only laughed. The one who had a hold on her began to undo her dress.
"NO!" I'd shouted. They froze and stared at me in shock then scorn.
"Sorry, mate, this one's taken," one with brown hair informed me.
"Let her go," I snarled.
"Or what?" Brown-Hair demanded.
"You don't want to make an enemy of me," I warned, "Let the girl go. Now!"
"You know what? I don't think we will," the one holding her said. I created a ball of lava and they stared at it in horror and fear. Vela only stared at me in wonder. I created a smokescreen and began to run towards them. Then I dropped my 'cloak'.
"Boo," I whispered. The men bellowed and let Vela go and she fell to the ground. The idiots ran away yelling and cursing. The lava disappeared. I held a hand out to Vela. She took it and I pulled her gently to her feet. I held her up when she staggered.
"You OK?" I asked urgently, glancing around.
"Yes, thank you," she replied softly.
"You have a mighty unfortunate life," I observed.
Vela laughed then blinked as confusion replaced the humour. "What do you mean?" she asked warily. I shifted uncomfortably.
"I mean what with those men tonight and... the stuff wih your father," I explained awkwardly.
"You spied on me?"
"I watched out for you," I corrected.
"Well, thanks for helping me but I ought to..." Vela's voice trailed away, "Get moving."
"Why don't you leave?" I asked. She blinked again then laughed.
"I'm fifteen. Not old enough to leave," Vela told me.
"I'd still leave if it was me. In fact, I did. When I was sixteen," I hesitated, "I'd take care of you if you wanted to run away." Vela gave me a skeptical look. "I survived for a year," I pointed out. It was Vela's turn to hesitate.
"Alright then," Vela agreed, "I warn you though, I'm not... safe company."
I laughed out loud. "I know all about weird, kiddo," I assured her.
"I noticed," Vela said dryly, "I create explosions and you create lava. Something tells me we're not normal."
"No? Really?" I said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes.
"C'mon, let's go," Vela took my hand.
We've been together ever since

The End

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