Lamb's In The Lion's DenMature


I opened my eye slowly, my whole body was in pain. My lip was cut and I had a gash above my eyebrow, I glanced down at my leg and saw a crudely placed bandage wrapped around it. I casted out for the presence of Rin, I heard the collar click and a wave of electricity went through my body. I cried out in pain, someone chuckled, I looked up to see Deadsworth coming out of a shadowed corner. He smiled at me coldly,

"Why don't you make it easy for the both of us and tell me where they are." I glared at him and said,

"There is no way I would EVER tell you!"

The next thing I knew brick was digging into my back and I was gripping the hand that held me up around my throat,

"Let me go..." I gasped, struggling to breath. Deadsworth smiled again at me and pushed me harder against the wall, I winced as brick dug deeper into my back. I felt the grip loosen and I fell onto the floor, he grabbed my arm and wrenched it upwards causing me to cry in pain. I couldn't make my legs work, my arm was taking my whole body weight, it felt as if it was going to tear out of it's socket. I looked up and watched as he pulled down my sleeve to reveal Nell's marking,

"Are you that desperate?!" He spat at me, he let go of my hand and I fell back against the wall. I was breathing heavily, the wound above my eye had opened again and blood was trickling down slowly. I looked up, bleary eyed, and noticed Dakarai standing in the shadows, I meant his eyes and watched as he looked away,

"Why do this? Why do this to your own kind?" I whispered, Deadsworth thought I was talking to him,

"I do this for power EE-Immortal, and you're not our kind. Your freaks who's kind has been wiped out! You don't deserve to live alongside humans!" I glared up at him and said,

"You're the ones who don't deserve to live! We are the ones who will judge whether you join God in heaven or fall into the pits of the Ragnarök..."

He snorted,

"Ha! Ragnarök? That is just a story tale!"

"It is real... It is coming! It shall happen as soon as you reach your goal, you shall cause the end of the world."

I watched as Deadsworth left, Dakarai glanced back at me before locking the door behind him. I moaned in pain, my shoulder and back were burning and my head throbbed from the wound. I felt something touch my cheek, I opened my eyes and watched as a message was written on the floor with my blood.

Kiora is here. I shall send for her.

"Wait no-" I flinched as the collar shocked me again.

I waited in the dark, trying to ignore the pain that ran through my body with every beat. Suddenly the door burst in wards and I heard someone say, "Hm, I don't think I'll ever tire of doing that,"

I looked down at the door and then looked up at the people who were standing in the doorway, it was Kiora and Dakarai.

"I owe these people a lot of money, anyway," Kiora stated, I chuckled quietly and gasped in pain as the collar shocked me again. Kiora came over to me and tried to pull the collar off, I heard her swear and I smiled sourly,

"Come on, ghost boy," Kiora helped me to get up, I winced in pain. My injures protesting, I saw Kiora clench her teeth as she saw my injures. I watched as she helped me through the corridors, taking most of my weight and calling the Government people names that I shall never repeat.

"Dakarai, take Ambrose. I'll find Chilaili," I flinched as Dakarai came and wrapped an arm around me, pulling my arm across his shoulders. Kiora paused and looked back at me.

"She is here right?"

I shook my head and said, "No! You are getting out while I help Chilaili!"

Kiora rolled her eyes at me and I felt Dakarai restrain me from struggling, I narrowed my eyes at him and watched as he said,

"She's here, she came in earlier today. They were... being unpleasant to her in the basement."

"I'll go in first. Bring Ambrose down with you. If all goes well, I'll be able to persuade them to get that thing off his neck," She tried to smile.

"There are a lot of them down there," Dakarai warned her.

"I know," She turned away, "Hopefully I'll get Chilaili out but if I can't get out myself... find the others. Tell Nen and Evelyn I'm sorry. Tell Xaoc too. And... and tell Nen somehow it was possible for me to love him despite the short time together." Kiora began to run. She called over her shoulder.

"If I do die, I'll haunt you 'till I drive you insane, ghost boy!"

I laughed out loud at this but flinched as the collar did it's thing,

"Well at least they know the collar works," I muttered to myself.

Dakarai gave me a look and I said, "Sorry force of habit."

He smiled at me I grinned back,

"I guess you finally realized what was happening right?" He looked away from me and said,

"I'm sorry, I didn't know they would do this to you." I shook my head and said,

"Hey forgive and forget right?" He smiled and nodded,

"Well let's go, I have a feeling that she might be almost done."

We stumbled down the corridor, Dakarai dragging me along,

"Someone's coming!" He hissed, pulling me into a side corridor and putting me against the wall,

"Wait here!" He said,

"Like I have a choice!" I snorted.

"Oh... Yeah... Uh... Sorry" I waved a hand and watched as her drew out his stun gun. I heard them before I saw them.

"Which way?!" It was Nen! Dakarai chose that moment to jump and tackle Nen down,

"Wait!" I yelled just as he was about to stun him, I cried out in pain as the collar shocked me again.

"I really hate this thing!" I said tugging at it, only causing myself to be shocked more. Xaoc appeared round the corner and knelt down next to me,

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have left you! Dammit!"

"Hey, hey! I was the one who told you to leave!" Xaoc glanced at Nen and noticed Dakarai,

"You! Your the one who shot him!" He raised a fist and I yelled,

"Wait!" Again, and again the collar shocked me.

"Will you stop making me shout." I hissed at them, they all looked at me and I said,

"We really don't have time for this!" Dakarai helped me up again and I said,

"Kiora just down this corridor, she's gone to confront Deadsworth, the bad guy, alone." Nen and Xaoc ran down the corridor, closely followed by me and Dakarai.

We came in time to see Kiora fall onto the floor, a bullet wound through her stomach. Xaoc grabbed the gun and leveled it at Deadsworth as Nen ran over and tried to stop the bleeding.

"Take that thing off Ambrose," Xaoc yelled at Deadsworth, Nen was trying to keep Kiora awake. This was my fault,

"Just like lambs in a Lion's den..." I whispered to myself.

"You can't order me EE-Chaos!"

"Oh yeah! It's not like I have a gun aimed at you or anything!" I moved away from Dakarai and moved next to Xaoc,

"Give it up Deadsworth, you've lost. Let us go and you may be around to see tomorrow."

Deadsworth smiled at me,

"Make it a promise EE-Immortal, I know you can't break them. Right?" He gave me a knowing look. I nodded, I felt Deadsworth press his finger against the collar and watched as the collar and wrist bands clicked open, I rubbed my neck and wrists. Flexing my hands, I curled my hand into a fist and punched Deadsworth,

"I never said how you'd left though." I turned to Dakarai, "Help Chilaili!"

Ambrose!!! I stumbled as Rin tackled my mind,

"Seriously?! I mean I'm still injured!" I said as Xaoc caught me, Rin appeared in front of me looking sad and happy at the same time. Xaoc looked at me and said,

"Ghost? Right?" I grinned at him and nodded,

"I'll just be over there then..." He said awkwardly, I watched as he moved to Kiora.

"Can we save her?"

Yes, I can tell you how to but you need to get out of here first! I nodded and ran over the Nen,

"She'll live if we can get her help," I knelt down and looked at her wound, "Nothing vital was hit and fortunately it hit no bones, but she's losing blood. Fast."

"Let's go and get her help then!" Nen yelled at me, Dakarai came over with some bandages, wrapping it around her wound. We then moved out into the corridor, Nen ran ahead carrying Kiora,

"Go to the cave! I'll be right behind you." I glanced at Dakarai who nodded to me, handing Chilaili over to Xaoc. We opened one of the doors and walked into a room that looked like a hospital ward, I man turned round and started to say,

"Who-" I punched him and he hit the floor unconscious.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" I said jumping around waving my hand, trying to get rid of the pain that was running through my hand,

"Next time you punch him!" I said to Dakarai as I started to get the things that Rin told me I needed,

"Dakarai, get some needle and thread, as well as bandages and there should be a bottle of water under the sink." He nodded. I began to shift through draws and cupboards, putting various bottles and supplies into a bag. I threw another bag at Dakarai and pulled it onto my back, wincing from the weight against my injured back. Dakarai came over,

"Let me take that." I shook my head, saying,

"No I'm fine! Go!" We ran out of the medical room and ran along the corridors, my leg and arm were protesting in pain, my breathing became heavier.

We got to the cave in time to see Xaoc tell Evelyn that everything was going to be ok. I moved over to Kiora and laid out the equipment I needed; antiseptic wipes, towels, needle and thread, bandages, antibiotics and scissors. Nen put a hand on my shoulder, I turned round a glared at him,

"We don't have time for this! She's dying! If I don't do something she won't survive, Rin will tell me what to do, she knows about this sort of thing. So just go and wait out of my way!" I knew I was being harsh but I didn't have time to listen to him telling me that I better know what I was doing. I picked up the wipes and began to get to work.

The End

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