Alone in DarknessMature


I was huddeled up in the corner of the cave, watching Nen pace backwards and forwards. Kiora had been gone for a while and we were getting worried.

"Where is she, she sould be back by now" Nen shouted hitting one of walls. I cringed at the sound of his voice. it scared me peole getting angry. I tried to stay quiet and try not to attract attention.

The other boy stood up and put a gand on Nens shoulder I thinks hi name was Xaoc "Listen, shes going to be ok she strong shel be fine" Nen pushed Xaoc had off his shoulder and looked at me.

He walked over and put his hands on my shoulder, he stared right into my eyes, I was too afraid to look away I didnt know what he would do. "You have some sort of wierd connection to Kiora where is she is she ok"

I tried to awnser him but I couldnt build up the words they  just got stuck in my throat, he shook my shoulder and I winced when his grip grew stronger. Tear welled up in my eyes.

"Come one Evelyn where is she!" he shouted, the pain was in his voice along with fustration. Xaoc came and pulled his hands off my shoulders I skooted further away from them"

"Listen hurting Evelyn and scaring her to death isnt going to hep Kiora is it, when she gets back and finds her in tears do you really gonna thinks shell be happy?" Xaoc said trying to calm him down.

Nen pushed him away and walked to the entrence "I cant stay here while she could be hurt" with that he left. Xaoc crouched down infront of me.

"Look I need to go after him its not safe from him to be out the by him-self" his said looking nervous about Nen's safety. I tried to stand up but winced at the pain still in my back, I stumbeled but he helped me sit back down.

"No your staying here, its hardly safe out there and your still injured we will be back soon, get some sleep they dont know about this place."

He ptted my shoulder and wakled to the entrance. "Stay safe" I whispered. He froze at turned around ans smiled.

"Its nice to hear you finnaly speak and I will do" With that I was left alone.

I decided I turned the ligt into some sort of mirror. I looked a mess my hair seemed whiter for some reason. my dress. still ripped at the back, I still had my point shoes on. I grinned. I stood uonce I had stabeled my-self I made glowing balls of light. I beagan to dance care free around the cave, giggling the more I laughed the faster the light orbs spinned.

Suddenly out of no where, I fell to the floor whithering in pain, it felt like I had been shot threw the muidd of mt body. Kiora !, I suddenly realised it was Kiora who was hurt not me.

I sat up and hid in the corner of the cave when I heared foot steps getting louder. Nen came in first holding Kiora in his arms. I didnt notice anyone else. But her limp form in his arms. once he placed her down I ran to her side. holding her hand. Tear welled up in my eyes.

"Shell be fine Evelyn" One of others spoke I didnt look up to see who it was, guessing by how low the voice was, the voce belonged to a boy. I nodded but I stayed by her side.

"You promised you would be safe Kioara" I whispered, I couldnt loose her I felt soo close to her, though I dont remeber her.

The End

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