Mission Gone WrongMature


We moved silently through the Hell Building. Dakarai was listening as hard as he could. He touched a cell door briefly, indicating that this was Ambrose's personal hell hole. I nodded.

I put a hand on the door and concentrated. I was rewarded with the humming sound of the dark pulse and the crashing of the door.

"Hm, I don't think I'll ever tire of doing that," I murmured and Dakarai grinned. I gave him a high-five then stepped into the room.

Ambrose was staring at the broken door. His gaze shifted to me and I glanced at the door myself. Then I reverted my attention to Ambrose.

"I owe these people a lot of money, anyway," I told him, sombrely. He chuckled reluctantly then gasped in pain. I noticed a similar collar around his neck that had been on Dakarai's. I moved over and tried to get it off. I cursed when it didn't work. It needed a code and only responded to one of the government people's fingerprints. I swore and Ambrose smiled dryly.

"Come on, ghost boy," I muttered. I helped him up and refrained from growling when I saw the extent of his injuries. I called everyone of the government people every ugly name I could think of as I helped Ambrose stagger through the corridors.

"Dakarai, take Ambrose. I'll find Chilaili," I paused thinking as Dakarai took Ambrose from me. "She is here right?" I aimed at Ambrose.

"No! You are getting out while I help Chilaili!" Ambrose insisted. I gave hima look, rolled my eyes and shifted my eyes to Dakarai.

"She's here," Dakarai answered my question, "She came in earlier today. They were... being unpleasant to her in the basement."

"I'll go in first. Bring Ambrose down with you. If all goes well, I'll be able to pursuade them to get that thing off his neck," I attempted a smile.

"There are a lot of them down there," Dakarai warned.

"I know," I turned away, "Hopefully I'll get Chilaili out but if I can't get out myself... find the others. Tell Nen and Evelyn I'm sorry. Tell Xaoc too. And... and tell Nen somehow it was possible for me to love him despite the short time together." I began to run. I called over my shoulder.

"If I do die, I'll haunt you 'till I drive you insane, ghost boy!"

I worked my way down to the basement. There were two guards outside. I hit them with a quick blast and knocked them out. I grabbed one of the guns (although I'd have prefered not to). Here goes nothing, I thought with a sick feeling in my stomach. I sent a strong blast at the door (no more knocking and waiting for me) and it flew off the hinges. I saw it hit one of the men inside. I jogged into the room.

There were less men in there than I thought there would be. The one that had been hit with the door appeared to have a broken hand where the door hit him exactly wrong. The man who was obviously in charge had been tormenting a young girl I could only assume was Chilaili. He stared at me in shock. As did the three others in the room. One of them began fumbling for his gun.

"Don't even think about it," I hissed. I kept the gun aimed at the Tormenter. Tormenter laughed.

"What's funny?" I demanded.

"You're outnumbered and have just one gun. You cannot focus on all of us at once," he grinned, "Perhaps you should surrender, pretty girl."

"My name's little and dark, freaky," I said coldly. One of the men pulled out his gun quickly and I hit him with a blast but kept my focus on Tormenter. They all gasped as he went down. Tormenter blinked then a smile widened on his face.

"And my name's Deadsworth," Tormenter focused on me.

"Figures," I snorted, "Where are the rest of your freaks?" Deadsworth looked terrifyingly angry for a minute.

"We have encountered some problems with other EE's," he hissed, "Your friends Xaoc, Nen and Evelyn are causing much grief. And Zahra managed to escape."

"You be pleased to know that two more are about to escape," I smiled sweetly and swirled to fire the gun at the same time as sending blasts. Deadsworth was fast. I downed all the other men but he dodged everything I aimed at him. He drew his gun and fired twice. One missed but one hit me in the stomach.

I felt it go all the way through and screamed. I fell and dropped the gun but managed to gather the last of my strength to hit him with an intense dark pulse.

Nen ran into the room closely followed by Xaoc and Dakarai, who was still assisting Ambrose. Xaoc picked up Deadsworth's gun and aimed it at the effin tosser. Nen ran to me and covered my wound the best he could.

"Take that thing off Ambrose," Xaoc said but it was faint. Everything was fading.

"No! You listen to me Kiora! Don't you dare close your eyes! Stay awake!" Nen. Tha sounded like Nen. I was vaguely aware of an arguement but then it stopped. I saw Deadsworth release Ambrose. Ambrose hit the older man. Then Dakarai released Chilaili and they gathered around me.

"She'll live if we can get her help," Ambrose told Nen, who looked devastated and desperate. "Nothing vital was hit and fortunately it hit no bones," Ambrose continued, "But she's losing blood. Fast."

"Let's get her help then!" Nen roared. Dakarai wrapped some bandages around my wounds and Nen picked me up. We began to move. I was slipping.

"Nen..." I murmured, "Nen... I... I love... I love you."

I fell.

The End

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