The sound of breaking glass stopped us. Shattered shards spread across the sparse ground, glittering in the sunlight. They rested in the snow, like diamonds encrusted into a shimmering blanket.

I turned my head towards the source; a large window on the second floor of the dull house had been broken open, jagged edges surrounding where the glass had once been.

The two men that held my arms began conversing, roughly hauling me up from the ground. They turned on me angrily, harshly pulling at my arms.

“You!” The brunette exclaimed, fury filled his large eyes. “You shattered the window! You are going to pay!”

The large door in front of us swung open, a petite woman stood smartly. Her long brown hair was flowing down her back elegantly; her soft eyes reminded me of my Mother. She was a picture of pure perfection.

“You fool!” She snapped, her ruthless voice not matching her flawless image. “She cannot break windows. That was that useless little brat I call my daughter messing around with that damned dog.”

She had a thick Russian accent, it sounded sharp and scolding.

“She,” the blonde man looked down at me, “She is pathetic. You say she was a strong girl? She is weak, the runt of the litter. The other powers will be almost happy that she is gone. They will not bother coming to save her.”
Confusion flicked through my brain.

Powers? Save me?

”Be quiet, you will anger the pathetic girl.” The woman scowled at him. If the situation had been different I would of laughed at her blatant hypocrisy. Slowly she walked over to us, taking my face in her hands and inspecting; sighing in frustration every few seconds.

“Take her upstairs. Don’t you dare let her make a noise. Or escape. You will leave in an hour. Make sure the van’s ready, oh and for heavens sakes do not let it,” she gestured at me, “near my daughter.” With a final curt nod, she turned and floated away.



I let my mind replay today’s events, it had only been around 6 hours since I’d seen the news broadcast; now I was in a dusty van, going somewhere I’d probably never even heard of. Overseas; that could mean anywhere.

Norway, Finland, Britain, America, Canada, Asia..?

I tried to let my mind rest, but it wouldn’t. I had to get out, see my mum again. She could barely cope on her own, what would it do to her if she found out that the only person she had left was… gone?

I could tell we’d been on the road for hours.It was beginning to get dark; the van’s lighting was changing. Soon enough the area I was trapped in was wrapped in gloom; they’d covered the window and tied me up, so I  couldn’t work out where we were.

All fear and thoughts of my Mother had left me, and I felt surprisingly calm. Soon I felt my mind drop into a deep sleep as the events of the day began to wear me down.


I looked down on a village; it was small but very busy. Lots of people were running round in white stuff that covered the ground. Snow. I smiled to myself, reaching out to touch it. Unfortunately, I was too far away. Sighing I withdrew my hand and began floating through the air. I was drawn to a long pole; it had a flag on top, which was blowing mysteriously in the wind. I tried to work out the flags origin, but I couldn’t. Like the Scottish flag but different…


I was in Finland! I cheered to myself triumphantly.

Then I heard a voice above me, I turned my head curiously and a tall girl with long, platinum blonde hair stood smiling at me.

“Its snowing y’know…” She whispered.


“Oi,” I was brought back to a life with a start. The two men were looming over me, a bored look spread across their face. “Wake up you runt. Yeah, you. Wake up.” I tried to sit up as best as I could, the ropes that bound me restricted my movement.

With a whip of his hand the brunet man was brandishing a gun, he glanced at it then back at me.
”Come on, fool.” He muttered more to himself than anyone, hauling her out of the van. Slowly he untied her, the blonde watched on in a defensive stance, ready to strike out if I tried to escape.

The brunette leisurely reached down to my ear, whispering threats that made me go cold.

“You will get on that Cruise ship. You are my daughter. I swear to all that’s holy if you try to escape you’ll be dead quicker than you can say ‘I’m a snowy brat.’ Oh and your mother will die too.”

I swallowed the fear that was pent up in my heart. I had to do this now, there was no escape. My mother’s life was on the line.

I edged away; the blonde’s tight grip placed firmly on my arm. We walked across the crowded car park. Happy couples had their arms around each other and young children skipped gleefully around their parents, chatting excitedly in Danish. How I wished to be them right now.

As we neared the Cruise ship, my nerves shot up, where exactly was I going?

The End

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