Hell BuildingMature


I woke up in Nen's arms. When had that happened? I glanced at Evelyn automatically to check she was alright. I knew her back still pained her but it was better. I didn't want to leave her but three days were up. I didn't want to leave Nen either. I had to go though.

I eased myself out of Nen's arms and it occured to me that perhaps he'd done it so he'd wake up if I tried to sneak out. Too bad, for him, it hadn't worked. I dusted off my clothes, kissed Evelyn's cheek lightly then walked outside. The sky was just darkening. I'd decided that I saw better at night than day and it was harder for others to see me.

I began to run the minute full dark settled. My clothes were dark and so was my hair (which needed a wash) so I blended in well. It took a matter of hours to get back to the Hell Building (as I thought of it) with few rests because I am used to running many distances without tiring.

I hid in the trees surrounding the place. I closed my eyes.

"OK, so Xaoc said that Ambrose could talk to ghosts," I whispered, "Now obviously I can't talk to you but I assume you can hear me and that's how Ambrose is such a know-all. So I am begging that one of you ghosts hear me and go tell Ambrose that I'm waiting outside. Ask him what he wants me to do, if he wants me to sneak in the grounds, help him get out prisoners, wait here for him to get out or go get food then meet him here. Then come back and give me like a... nudging as to what he wants me to do, please. You can do that right? If so then... rustle the leaves of this tree or something." I paused and there was a gentle rustling. Whoa. Cool but weird. No wonder Ambrose was a bit insane.

"OK, thanks go ask him now, please," I whispered. I jerked when something carressed my cheek then... 'faded'. A moment later, the presence returned and it nudged me to enter the grounds and find Ambrose. I needed to free him then he'd give me instructions.

Moving quickly and quietly, I moved around the perimeter until I found an especially dark area. I focused on having more cover and the darkness intensified then I focused on breaking in. I was fortunate tonight. The same dark blast I used before obeyed my control and a hole in the fencing appeared. It was big enough for me to get through but small enough to go unnoticed.

I slipped in. Moving swiftly but cautiously, I followed the nudging the presence gave me. I knew I was near but just then someone covered my mouth from behind. I shrieked but it was muffled by the hand. I struggled but the person was strong. They picked me up and carried me into an empty room. It was very basic, a bed, a desk and a chair. There were a few books and writing materials. The person dropped me on the bed and shut the door.

The person turned out to be a sixteen year old boy of African descent. He faced me. I stared at him. I was terrified.

"Don't be afraid," he pleaded.

"Can't help it," I whispered, "Dakarai?"

"Yep, that's me," the kid confirmed, "Who're you?"

"Kiora," I replied.

"What's your power? Or element, whichever you prefer."

"Um, I have some connection with darkness," I breathed.

"Ah, you must be EE-Dark then. You've really pissed the guys here off," Dakarai informed me, "'Cause of your power you've managed to escape several times, you took one of their few prisoners and also you damaged that door pretty bad. They cost a lot of money, those doors."

"Great, just my luck," I muttered, "They want revenge on me in particular."

"You should not have come," Dakarai told me, "It isn't safe."

"Why? 'Cause you're gonna tell them I'm here?" I said bitterly, "Like you did Ambrose?"

"They lied to me," Dakarai said, broken, "I don't know how to make it up to you and the others. I've betrayed you and I don't know how to set it right."

"Help me free Ambrose and maybe Chilaili," I begged, "Then run with us. Escape."

There was a beat and then he nodded.

"Thank you," I breathed, "Here." I moved to put my hand on his 'collar' and sent a small harmless (to him) dark pulse through it so it broke and fell away easily. I flinched. He'd had that collar on a long time.

"Now let's go get all the others and then scram," I suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Dakarai agreed, "With my super hearing and your dark mojo we make a great team."

"But is our side better than theirs?"

The End

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