She's not here! I swear she was here! I stopped in mid stride and back tracked around the corner. Xaoc ran into me and opened his mouth to say something but I waved my hand.

"She's not here..." I whispered mostly to myself,

"What?!" Xaoc hissed at me,

"Chilaili. She's not here yet but she will be soon..." Xaoc gave me a pointed look and I lifted my hands in protest,

"Hey, Hey! Don't give me that look! I don't know everything!"

"Seemed like that to me." I snorted and glanced round the corner, the corridor was empty.

"Come on... We better get out of here." We moved around the corner and began to jog down the corridor.


"Crap!" I skidded to a halt, causing Xaoc to stumble into me, someone jumped out in front of us.

Dakarai... But I didn't sense him... His neck! I glanced at the boy's neck and saw a sort of collar thing. I narrowed my eyes.

"EE-Immortal and EE-Chaos... I've been waiting for you." I shot a look at Xaoc and he nodded slightly, I turned back to Dakarai.

"Don't do this! Don't you know what's happening?!"

"I know that if I want to see my family again I have to stop you!" He spat at me, I watched as he reached for the gun at his side. His mud brown hair stuck out all over the place and matched his eyes that watched our every movement. I moved my hand behind my back and counted down to 'one'.

We ran round the corner and I pushed Xaoc ahead of me.

"Run!" Xaoc sent me a look,

"No Kidding! How did he know where we were?" I sighed and said,

"Can we not do this right now?" Xaoc ran to the left and dragged me along with him. He closed the door and put the chair under the handle.

"Yes! I want to know what's going on! What is up with you two!" I hissed in frustration.

"Ok here's the short version. I can talk to ghost's and he can shatter window's and can hear things! That's all you need to know for now! Come on!" I pulled the chair away and opened the door. Dakarai came round the corner and aimed his gun at us.

"GO!" I yelled pushing Xaoc, I saw Dakarai shoot at us. I could have let the bullet pass through me but it would have hit Xaoc. The Bullet hit my leg and I yelled in pain, Xaoc turned around.

"Go! Now!" I turned around and saw Dakarai load a new round of bullets,

"Go! You need to help them! Evelyn needs first aid! I can get out of this, you'll just get in my way." Xaoc looked hurt but turned around and ran. Dakarai ran towards me, I just smiled and fazed through the floor. I ended up in one of the basement rooms, the pain in my leg was so bad. I glanced down and nearly gagged, the bullet had torn through my flesh near to the bone, fabric was mixed in with the mess and blood was seeping out. Rin appeared beside me and put her pale hand on my leg, I grunted in pain at the ice feeling that ran through the wound. Rin removed her hand and looked at me,

"Ambrose! Stay awake!" I smiled weakly but I was loosing too much blood. I heard the sound of the alarm going off. I ripped part of my shirt off and tied it just above the wound to stop the bleeding.

"Rin... Keep an eye on them!" Rin shook her head,

"Rin! They need help!" I never thought ghosts could cry but Rin looked pretty close to it.

I heard footsteps coming down the corridor, I couldn't faze through anything, I was too weak. I laughed to myself,

"And after all that trouble, I'm back again." The door slammed open and men flooded into the room. Gun's leveled at my chest and I watched as a man walked in. Dakarai stood behind him,

"EE-Immortal... You have caused us much trouble." The man was wearing a brown suit and trousers. His black hair was combed back and his eye's were a stony grey.

"Mr. Deadsworth you have caused me much trouble too!" I retorted venom leaking out of my voice. One of the men kicked me in the stomach and I groaned in pain.

"Hold him down!" Two men walked towards me and pulled me forward. I cried in pain as my leg screamed in protest. They pushed me face down on the floor, one held my legs down and the other locked my hands behind my back, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked upwards.

Deadsworth laughed as I cried out in pain. He knelt down in front of me and looked me in the eye, I glared at him.

"Now, Now, EE-Immortal you can't resist us. Don't you remember what happened last time?" My mind flashed back to a scene of a girl screaming in pain.

"Damn You!" I screamed, trying to struggle under the iron grip of the men. The one holding my head slammed it down and grazed my cheek. He brought my head back up where Deadsworth was watching my reaction in amusement. I spat at him, it was mostly blood, my mouth felt dry. He gave me a disgusted look and snapped his fingers. One of the man put his gun down and walked forward with a case. Deadsworth opened the case and pulled out two metal bracelets, he pushed his finger tip down on the metal and they clicked open. He gave them to the man who was holding my hands, the man pushed my head down and kept it down with his knees. I felt the cold metal click close around my wrists, I began to struggle again.

"No! No, dammit!" The man pulled my head up again and Deadsworth reached into the case again, this time bringing out a slightly larger metal circle. There were symbols lining the edge, etched in. Deadsworth smiled as he clicked the collar around my throat, I tried to move but the collar sent a shock of electricity through my body. I cried out in pain.

"This collar is set to electrocute you every time you try to resist or use your powers."

"I hate you!" I hissed at him,

"To be honest I don't really care." He smiled and got up, the two men holding me down pulled me up and I moaned in pain from my leg.

"Lock him up and sort out his leg, I don't want him dieing on me." Deadsworth said leaving the room. I looked up through blurred eyes and met Dakarai, I saw uncertainty flash through his eyes but her turned back around a left with Deadsworth.

The End

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