She sat in front of me, with her long hair waving around her face, falling to her hips. She was laughing at something, flirting with the boy next to her. She pouted to him, as he said something. Flicking her hair behind her, her blue eyes twinkled.

She made me sick. Just because she was beautiful. Just because she was popular. Just because everyone loved her, she thought she could go round making rumours about me. She thought I didn't know it was her that had told everyone I was a witch. 

Of course I knew. But I would show her. I would teach her the lesson not to mess with people like me. I put my finger in the air, and waved it gently. Suddenly a purple bruise formed on her arm, and she withered in pain. She fell to the ground screaming, causing the boy to fall at her knees. Everyone gathered round her, trying to calm her.

Nothing could calm her now. Not after what I had put in her. I couldn't see, but I could feel the dark poison moving up her arm. Once it touched her heart, there would be nothing I could do. I thought about it for a second. I mean, her heart was already black.

But I waved my finger at the last second. It was one thing to cause pain, but to kill? I was not a murderer. I was not the witch she made me out to be. I twirled my finger around, moving the antidote around her body. 

I spun round and walked off, with my long, wavy, red hair bouncing behind me. I knew she was looking at me, but she wouldn't say anything. I had gave her a taste of fear. 

I had always known I was different. And even for me different was hard to be. My family were known for being eccentric, with my mother claiming to read tarot cards and my brothers working on circus's. We travelled around in our homely caravan, and I loved every minute. 

But witch I was not. 

I could kill with my finger, by poisoning people, and then I could put a stopper to most deadly poisons - mine to be precise. But witches were evil, and selfish and ugly. I liked to think I was neither. 

I entered the caravan park, and made my way to my home. I could hear my four brothers arguing already, and I grinned. 

"Deirdra, where haff' you been?" Thomas asked. 

"Around." I told him mysteriously. I entered the caravan, and began to help my mother with the cooking. It was a hard job, with so many of us, but we enjoyed it. 

After everyone had eaten, there was a loud knock at the door.

"Are we expectin' anyone?" My mother asked, a confused look on her face. I shrugged, and got up. 

"I'll answer it." I told them. I looked through the little peak hole, and saw a young man with dark hair there. He had dark shades on, and was dressed all in black. I didn't recognise him. 

I opened the door, but before I could say hi, I felt a dart hit my neck and arms grab me. I was pulled from the caravan and thrown in a car.Through my blurring eyes I watched as my brothers chased us, but they were unable to catch up. 

"Help me..." I whispered as I fell into a deep sleep.

The End

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