Trying to break freeMature


This time when I woke up, I found myself still in the boot of the car but I couldn't hear a thing, other than something splashing. Like waves. Waves? I listened out carefully. Yes, it was definitely the sea crashing against something. I realised I was slowly rocking. 

A boat. I was on a boat. Well a Ferry, if I was still in a car. Where was I going? I tried to scream, but only a murmur escaped the duct tape that was covering my mouth. I breathed heavily through my nose. 

"Mama... Will we see dolphins?" I heard a little boy ask, a few metres a way from me. I wanted to yell, bang, scream, anything. But I couldn't move. I was forced to stay in my small prison, till the weird lady and men came back.

If only I could turn into that bird again. Then I could fly through the ropes, and fly out when they opened the boot. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't. 

"Timmy, come here. Were going to go up and see the sea. Watch that step sweetie." I heard a caring mother say. They were moving further away. I cried silently, as life for other people went on. I wanted to be back home, with my mother looking after me. I didn't want independence if this is where it got me. 

Slowly I fell back to sleep, this time by my self. Any dream or nightmare was better than what I was living now. 

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I woke with a start. Something was different; we weren't on a boat any more. We were driving really fast down a road, and I bruised myself as we went over some bumps. I was banging into everything. 

"We are late." I heard one of the men say in the front. 

"No we are not." The woman muttered. "Most of them didn't even catch anyone."

"Reckon we'll be rewarded?" the second man said. 

"Rewarded? This is your job. That is your reward." The woman snapped at him. It was clear that she was in charge out of them. 

They spent the rest of the journey in silence. 

I tried to move round, so that I didn't move so much, and as I did I cut my self on a sharp knife. I felt my cold blood drip down my arm, but I didn't care about that. There was a knife? I had been lay here all this time with a knife under me?

How could I have been so stupid? I began to use it to cut the rope from my wrists. But it was difficult. I couldn't get a good angle on it, as it was lay flat. 

I prayed we were still far away, so I had enough time to cut myself free.

The End

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