Evelyn-worry seeps inMature

"Three days," she agreed, "And then I'm going to get him while you and Nen stay here to watch over Evelyn." I sat stunned for a secand before standing up, Istaggered slightly as the pain soared in my bac.

"Noo Kiora" I whimpered "I dont understnad this I feel very attached to you, I dont want to loose you" I swayed slightly before she put her arm round me helping me sit back to the floor.

"Itll be ok Evelyn, Ill be safe I always am. Jeesh its getting cold" I looked around seeing the two boys pulling the jackets more round them. I took a deep dreath an formed lots of balls of light, not for them to be a birght light but to heat the small space up.

I grinned at them "this does come in hadny after all" I whispered I then gasped "What if they come looking for us, what if they get us and do much worse than before" tears ran down my cheeks I was frightened for my life, but more for the kind strangers I had just met.

"Dont worry, there wont get any where near us" the boy furthest away from us saud, I picked his Xaoc "well make sure of that you jut rest and let your body heal" I smiled weakily and lay down on my side I closed my eyes. But I couldnt sleep.

Kiora sat by my side and was twirling my blonde hair between her fingers "Poor girl shes been through so much with her mother and farther, now being kidnapped" She sighed, then gasped "Wow how did I know all that" I froze still how did she know what they did to me.

"Well it seems you control Darkness and well Evelyn controls light, your both opperits so of course your both going to be connected" Xaoc said, he seemed to be able tp pick knowldge up easily and work thing threw.

Wow I guess life haw just got more interesting, while death seemed to be round every corner

The End

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