Arguing with KioraMature


"Ambrose?" Kiora questioned. I understood instantly all that she wanted to know.

"Captured," I answered shortly.

"What?" Kiora yelled and leapt to her feet. I saw Nen staring at her as he stood up. "What do you mean 'captured'?" Kiora continued, "We have to go back and save him!"

"No!" I snapped. She glared at me and I glared right back. Her anger and determination was impressive. The silent stand-off would have carried on for hours if Nen hadn't put a hand lightly on her shoulder. She relaxed instantly although reluctantly. He dropped his hand to take hold of her.

"What happened?" he asked me. I sighed and gave them a quick summary.

"Ambrose said that this Chilaili wouldn't get there until tomorrow but then this other kid called Dakarai turned up. Ambrose said something about he talks to ghosts and the Dakarai kid shatters windows. Dakarai had set off alarms and we began to be chased. Ambrose was hit in the leg by a bullet. He ordered me to keep running: he said that you had Evelyn so I stole a first aid on my way out. Then I met up with you and here we are," I concluded.

Kiora dropped Nen's hand and began pacing. I noticed the slight change in his eyes but it vanished quickly. He just watched Kiora pace around.

"How many are there?" Kiora muttered to Nen only I observed, "How many more kids are lose in the world? What are their powers? You've witnessed mine. What if their powers are as strong? Think how much danger the world is in. I... I couldn't control it. What if they can't either?" A tear managed to escape from her eye. Then another and another until they were streaming down her face. Hesitantly, Nen wrapped his arms around her and she buried her head in his chest. I gave Nen an enquiring look.

"She discovered her power. It was some kind of dark blast. It scared her to death," Nen explained, "But when she needed it, it wouldn't come."

"She's right, how many are there?" Evelyn whispered, "There's me, and I can create light."

"I do weird things with water," Nen chimed in.

"I don't know my power," I confessed, "But Ambrose claims he can talk to ghost and Dakarai can shatter windows - and I think he has super hearing."

"There's me and I can see in the dark and create dark pulses or blasts," Kiora spoke from Nen's arms, "And there's this unknown Chilaili that we know of. Suddenly there are seven of us so how many more? We need to get Ambrose. He's a pain in the ass but he does know what's going on and can explain our powers to us, maybe even help us control them."

"Three days?" I pleaded, "Please wait three days. Evelyn needs to heal and Ambrose needs to wait for Chilaili and then talk some sense into Dakarai." Kiora stared at Evelyn's tired face. Nen stared at Kiora's face as did I. Finally she glanced away from Evelyn to Nen then looked at me.

"Three days," she agreed, "And then I'm going to get him while you and Nen stay here to watch over Evelyn."

The three of us weren't having that.

The End

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