I could hear the two men in the front of the van, their voices so deep I could hardly make out any of the words. They were not speaking in any language I'd ever heard, it was thick and they emphasised each ‘r'. Their words were quick and slurred, as if they'd been drinking.

 The van sped down Aalborg's congested roads, narrowly dodging cars. I feared for the life that I'd once wanted to end; now it felt vital to stay alive.. I felt anxious, I wanted to be anywhere but the back of this disgusting van. My stomach dropped as we tore over a bridge, barely avoiding a bright pink mini. I moved away from the window and collapsed into a corner, trying to fight back tears.

 I heard a string of English cuss words from the front, followed by "Stupid snow... I bet it was her." I could hear the venom in his voice, was he talking about me?

I wasn't special or anything, I couldn't just start snow. I was just a normal girl, trying to get through the hellish years of school. The only things that had used to cross my mind were boys, friends and clothes. When had it all changed? When had I changed? I banged my fist against the van wall, trying in vain to get out.

 "Shut up you foolish girl." They yelled at me, one of them banged their fist back. "You will regret what you do to Denmark, one day. You will or you pay you brat."

 I was so confused, what had I done? I shivered; the unusual weather was resulting in a temperature plummet. I pulled my jumper closer around me, it reminded me of the way my mother had held me until she'd become too drunk, too drugged up to even remember my name.

 I began singing to myself gently, letting the tears fall freely.

The rusty van came to a violent halt outside of a large building. I looked through the small dirty window, it towered above me. Like the skyscrapers I'd seen on TV it looked daunting and scary. The dull grey paint was peeling to reveal dark red bricks and all the windows were boarded up with corkboards. The door at the back of the van swung open and light flooded into the enclosed space. The bulky figures of my capturers came into view, and they roughly hauled me out.

 "Walk." One of them ordered, their hands still tightly gripped around my arms. I began walking, pretending to trip over, trying to delay my entry into the crumbling building. What were they going to do to me?

"Hurry up, you foolish, stupid girl." The blonde man spat at me, kicking my leg. I fell to the ground, squealing in pain. They didn't care; they continued to drag me along muttering in their native tongue.

 My limbs went numb and I felt myself physically drop. My mind and body had both given in, they'd left me. Just like every other single person in my life. I let the men drag me along the cold, harsh ground, enjoying my last moments of proper freedom.

The End

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