My head was banging, when I next woke up. I didn't want to open my eyes - I was too afraid. What would I see? I didn't think I wanted to know. I heard footsteps nearby, and shivered. 

"What?" I heard someone yell. "How is that possible?"

Who ever it was, wasn't happy. Then I realised it was the French woman, that had captured me.

"We are taking her there now, but how do I know she will be secure?" She screamed again. 

From the sounds of it, she was on the phone. I couldn't hear the other person. Then I took in what she had said. Taking her there now? Was I her? Where was she taking me? 

I opened my eyes, slightly, and saw that I was in some sort of a car boot. It was dark, and I could hardly breathe. I tried to move silently, but I was tied up. Over my lips, was a big piece of cellotape. Looking down, I noticed that someone had put a white shirt on me. It was dirty, and only went down to the middle of my thighs. I felt bare. 

"No...Really? EE-immortal? But, how?...I see...Keep him there, do not let him escape.....I want to see him....Very well." 

I heard her snap the phone down and walk towards me. I closed my eyes tight, pretending to be asleep just as the boot opened and the sun shined in. The light hurt my eyes, and it made me wince. I could feel her staring at me, inches from my face.

"It will not be long now, girl. Your nearly at your new home. I'm sure your going to love it." she burst into laughter, and I noted the cruelness in it. This woman was a monster, that I was sure of. She grabbed my face in her hands, squeezing it tightly.

"Open your eyes." she ordered. I obeyed, afraid of what she would do if I did otherwise. Her eyes were dark, and I felt myself falling through a dark hole when I stared into them.

"Your weak." She spat, then stood up. "You two. Over here, with another dose of that." 

The two men lumbered over, one of them holding a gun. They looked at me, grinning.

"Maybe she could sit in the back with us." one of them said, and I shivered. Please no. 

"No. She is to stay secure here, till we get there. I am not risking her getting away." the woman snapped and the men just shrugged. The one with the gun knelt down.

"Time to sleep." He whispered, tracing his dirty fingers down my legs. Then he lifted the gun and shot me again, sending me into another deep sleep. Man, I was going to have a killer of an headache after this.

The End

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