"Come on," I breathed to Nen. I let whatever connection I had with Evelyn pull me towards her. I didn't know how I'd get back out when I had nothing pulling me but my only focus was saving Evelyn.

Nen and I worked our way through the building. He took my hand as we moved. I took comfort in the knowledge that I wasn't alone. Soon we reached a door. It was thick and strong - there was no way in. Dammit, what was the point in having powers if we couldn't open a door?

The second I thought that, a blast, of some kinda dark energy, blew the door open. I stared at it and then glanced at Nen. He stared back at me. It was then I knew he'd figured out that I had some freaky dark thing going on and I also thought he didn't seem to care.

Cautiously we stepped into the room. I stared at the girl who I knew was Evelyn. She looked up weakly as soon as I stepped in.

"No, look ou-" she began to say. Something slammed into me. A man with blonde hair and black eyes was trying his best to hurt me as badly as he could. He punched me in the stomach. I ignored the pain and whirled away. I kicked him in the back as hard as I could and he stumbled but not very much. He was coming at me again. He grabbed my throat and lifted me off the ground so I was dangling and clawing at his hand.

Suddenly he let go and I fell to the floor, coughing. My attacker was lying unconscious and Nen was holding the gun he'd just used to hit the blond on the head from behind.

Nen dropped the gun and helped me to stand.

"Are you OK?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yeah," I rasped. I darted over to Evelyn. Her back had been whipped to shreds; it was horrific. I gritted my teeth and wrapped one of her arms around my shoulders and holding it there with my left hand while wrapping my right around her waist. I began to drag her from that nightmarish room with Nen close behind us.

I shot him a smile of encouragement over my shoulder. He kept an eye out, covered our backs and guided us back through the building all at the same time. He really was remarkable and he'd possibly saved my life. We made it back to the place we'd entered the grounds and worked our way out.

Evelyn was out of it by now and since I didn't have the means to treat her I decided to let her have a few moments of peace. I had Evelyn and she was safe so I turned my worry to Ambrose and Xaoc.

"Where are they?" I whispered, as I carefully lay Evelyn on her stomach, "I mean that Ambrose kid is annoying but I don't want anything to happen to him."

"I know what you mean," Nen replied quietly. We waited in silence for a long time. Then the guns started. The sound was getting too familiar for my liking.

Nen and I moved swifly. We carried Evelyn out of sight before taking up positions half in the shadows half out: keeping an eye out for two teenager's silhouettes.

Guns continued being fired and as we watched only one person was sprinting towards us. It was Xaoc.

He reached us in record time but didn't stop. He ran straight pass Nen and I and picked up Evelyn with much more ease than I had.

"Come on! We need to move!" Xaoc called. Nen and I glanced at each other. Running from the government was getting too familiar for my liking as well. We remained silent and followed his instructions. We didn't stop running for miles, Xaoc wouldn't let us slow down or anything until we reached another cave.

We went inside it warily incase there was some wild animal or a government person lurking in there. To our relief, it was empty.

Xaoc had stolen a first aid kit and set about treating Evelyn's back. Nen and I sat down next to each other and watched. I couldn't remove my gaze from Evelyn's face so it was me who noticed when she was roused. Xaoc was finishing up and saw her tense but ignored it. Her eyes flickered all around before settling on me. I smiled at her and, hesitantly, she smiled back. I moved my gaze to Xaoc.

"Ambrose?" was all I said but it was loaded.

"Captured," was the reply.

"What?" I shrieked and leapt to my feet, "What do you mean 'captured'? We have to go back and save him."

"No!" Xaoc snapped. We glared at each other, neither one was going to back down, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I relaxed (but with a quiet sigh) and allowed Nen to calm me. He dropped his hand to take hold of mine.

"What happened?" Nen directed at Xaoc.

The End

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