Nell's ContractMature

"We are doing nothing! I'm going to get Evelyn." Kiora narrowed her eyes and came to stand in front of me, I stood up too. We glared at each other and I said through gritted teeth,

"You. Have. No. Idea. How. Important. You. Are. Your like a lamb stumbling into the Lions den." Kiora took a step back, Nen and Xaoc looked at me shocked. I shrugged and said,

"Yes I do know what is happening. Yes I do know what they want. Yes I do know... what you are." I turned back to Kiora and said,

"I'll be straight with you... You'll most likely will never see your family again." I watched as something shimmered behind Kiora and I recognized the spirit Nell; the reaper of souls.

"Kiora step forward now..." I said seriously. Kiora took a slow step forward and I walked past her,

"Can you go outside for a second." Nen opened his mouth to say something, "Please." He closed his mouth and nodded, Kiora walked over to Xaoc who gave me a final glance before walking out of the cave.

"What is it Nell?" I said quietly,

"I'm surprised to see you in the company of mortals..." Nell said, her voice floating like the mist and clinging like the hands of the damned.

"I don't have much choice." I snapped. Nell gave me a look and replied,

"Every thing has a choice, the sun could choose not to rise tomorrow but it does... You just have a limited choice... Be careful Ambrose... Ragnarök is close at hand..."

I glanced behind me and said, "They are not ready, give me more time Nell." Nell regarded me in silence, and I her. She had dull pink hair that fell loosely down to her hips, she was dressed in a black dress and had a scythe across her back; little silver bells were tied to the scythe and one black bell was tied to her throat whenever she moved the bells would ring with a sound of cries. Human beings would call Nell's presence the shivers that go down their back- someone walking across their grave.

"And you remember the payment I will reap at the end of this... correct?" I shivered involuntarily and nodded. Rin appeared behind me and said,

"Ambrose no... You can't pay Nell's payment!" I hissed and glared at her,

"What choice do I have? These... These Essences! Don't even realize who they are! I. Will. Not. Let. Them. Die!" I spat. Nell regarded me calmly,

"So you shall accept... the debt... correct?" I nodded again, Nell held out her hand and I felt the skin on my arm prickle. I glanced down to see a black ink spread beneath my skin. It squirmed beneath, wrapping itself around my arm, the tail of the pattern ended in an arrow head and the head of the design ended in a snake. I pulled my shirt sleeve down to hide it.

"I shall try to contain the Ragnarök for you... but it shall break my powers soon and then I shall not be able to stop it... make sure you are ready."

"I know." I said quietly, glancing back at my arm. Nell nodded once and lifted her scythe, she swung it across in front of her and it was like the scythe erased her. I stood their for a while longer before I leaned against the cave wall, looking up at the ceiling of it. Rin stood in front of me, she looked sad and I tried to smile at her.


We stood outside of the grey concrete building, it looked more like a prison. Barbed wire ran along the boundaries of it and spotlights swept across the ground.

"How the heck are we meant to get in their?" Xaoc said, whistling. I walked over to a tree and stuck my hand into it, I faded into it and I felt the switch that I was looking for. I swept my ghost like hand through the system to jam it, the others weren't looking so I pulled my hand back out, shaking off the electricity that had jumped on it. The ground beside the tree shifted slightly and I pushed my fingers into the gap that had been created, I lifted it and a trap door now revealed itself.

"And hey presto! A way in!" I said smiling, they looked at me strangely.

"Hey! They needed an escape route and well I happened to find it." I smiled slyly, Kiora shook her head and I made a motion with my hands, bowing slightly.

"And the party awaits." I said seriously. They glanced at one another before they descended the stairs. I went in last, making sure that we hadn't been seen. I swept my hand across a metal panel on the wall and green footlights came flickering to life.

"Wow! Can't believe that worked! Then again I thought I'd never come back here again..." I said peering down the tunnel, it was wide enough for us to stand in pairs.

"OK! Now we got that sorted of we go!" I began to walk down the tunnel and the others followed. Suddenly the tunnel span and I reached out a hand, falling against the wall. I put a hand to my head and closed my eyes,

"Not so strong." I muttered, the dizziness lessened slightly and I frowned slightly. Kiora ran over to me,

"Are you ok Ambrose?" I nodded and pushed myself back up straight. Kiora gave me a worried look, I frowned slightly at that...

"Right! Change of plan! Xaoc, your with me and Kiora your with Nen." Xaoc opened his mouth to say something but I just narrowed my eyes, his mouth shut slowly.

"Why what's happening?!" Nen asked, Kiora looked at me and I met her eyes. She nodded and I said,

"Evelyn is in trouble, you need to go now! Just follow Kiora and stay out of sight!"

I pushed Xaoc ahead of me and began to run down the tunnel, "Good Luck guys!" I shouted behind me before disappearing down the right hand tunnel that split off.


The End

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