Trapped like an animalMature

What ever they had injected had began to wear off I sat up groaning my whole body was aching.I looked around I was in a small white room, not ac alming white but a bright eye piercing white. I knew straight away this wasnt good.

There wasnt much in the room  just a single bed, a dressing table. It was dark but I could see fine.Though thedark always scared me, I huddled my-self upin a corner shaking.I muttered to my-self "Light please" and when I said it two orbs out light danced around me. It eased me slighty but I was still alone.

The door unlocked and automatically my orbs dissapeard, a women walked in she face was stern her hair was pulled back into a bow and she was completely black. She smiled at me butit was sly and not a drop of kindness.

"You up now" her voice was harsh. Her eyes were full of anger towards me I had never met the women but I could feel she hated me. I shot up standing straight away, she grabbed me by the arm tightly and began to drag me down the corridors. It was hard to keep up with and I stumbeled a couple of times.

She finnal stopped and threw me into another room where I fell to the floor. "Have fun" She hissed and walked away, I stod up and I heard a low chuckled I froze still I could hardly see in here but to frightened to use me new found powers.

A man walked out of the shadowes he was a tall, stocky man he was the same style black clothes as the women but she looked a lot me scarier with his bold head a deep black eyes. "Its a shame your pretty Lil lady" he ran his finger along me jaw linethen slapped where had touched, I fell to the floor my cheeked burned. He grabbed my hair I winced as he made me kneel up."Because you wont be for long" He put chains on me my hands and legs. He pressed a button on the wall. the chains were pulled and I was made to stand with my hands above my head.

He stood behind me and whispered in my ear "Such a pretty girl" he ran his hands down the sides I bit back a scream knowing it wouldnt help. He grabbed a handfull of my dress I heard the material protest as she pulled his hand away. "Oh so the rumours were right I bet your daddy did worst" He picked up something from the floor. I felt something like leather whip my back. I screamed out in pain. He laughed in joy. He kept hitting me again and I again.

I screamed out "Kiora!" The man stopped whipping me and grabbed my face in his big hands and made me look at him.

"Who is Kiora?" He spat out at me I really didnt know how she was but for some reason I felt very protcevieof her though I had never met her. He slap to me, he ring chaught my lip and cut it. I looked at the floor "TELL ME GIRL"

 I looked up at him when he looked in to my eyes he stood still "I dont know who she is, please" I wimpered "please leave me alone" He stared into my ares for some reason I felt some sort strage power in me and I knew I was causing this rection.

He walked to the other side of the room and pressed a butto, the chains opened I feel the floor whimpering in pain. How was I going to cope here, and who was Kiora and but thing for sure I knew she was safe. I smiled at the fact she was safe and glad she was.

The End

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