'Know All'Mature


I couldn't help but smile at Nen and Ambrose's conversation. I could tell from Nen's face he thought the same as me and that thought was that Ambrose was weird.

Xaoc and I watched in silence: waiting for instructions as to what to do next. As weird as he was, Ambrose knew what was going on and we'd just have to trust him. Nen and Ambrose were finishing their dialogue. Nen turned around and I saw his face. He was freaked out.

I frowned at Ambrose: he didn't need to say things to make us worry more than we already were and then not tell us the important stuff.

"Sweet dreams!" Ambrose called with a none too pleasant grin, "Don't let the Gov bite." Nen ignored him and moved to find somewhere to sleep. Xoac too moved to sleep and I moved to stand by Ambrose.

"If you're going to keep things to yourself then make sure it's the right things," I whispered furiously.

"What?" Ambrose asked startled.

"You didn't need to freak him out like that," I hissed, "You're not telling us much and so far all you have told us has freaked us out more than necessary!" Ambrose chuckled.

"You handled it," he observed, "You really are something, Kiora. Aren't you scared of anything?"

"Of course I am," I said coldly, "I've just had many years of hiding my true feelings." He chuckled again.

"Get some sleep," he insisted. I stuck my tongue out at him and went to lie down near to Nen. Not too close though. I watched Ambrose move around in the dark and lie down by a wall.

"Ambrose?" I called in a whisper.


"What about our families? Will we ever see them again?" I asked reluctantly: almost not wanting to know the answer. There was a long silence. I examined his face and there was only the slightest tightening in his eyes.

"Go to sleep, Kiora," Ambrose answered eventually. I nodded at having my thoughts confirmed.

"I guess you don't know everything," I breathed. Then I turned over so my back was to him. I'd slept like the dead but it seemed like it was only moments later when some sort of sixth sense kicked in. I sat bolt upright.

"Evelyn!" I gasped. Ambrose was instantly awake and rubbing his eyes. Nen groaned as he woke up and rolled over to look at me, too, squinting against the morning sunrise. Xaoc was already awake and sitting by a wall; his face alert as he stared at me.

"And Chilaili," Ambrose added, a bit more awake by now.

"What are you on about?" Xaoc asked.

"We all have powers don't we?" I aimed at Ambrose. He said nothing so I continued, "Evelyn has been captured by the government. I have no idea how I know, I just do."

"She's your opposite," Ambrose mumbled then his eyes widened and he seemed to be chastening himself. He hit his own head. I glanced at Nen and rolled my eyes. He grinned. We were thinking alike again. Mr. Ambrose was annoyed that he'd let something slip.

"So what do we do?" I asked, emphasizing the plural. Ambrose fixed his gaze on me and we waited for his plan.

The End

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