"Well lets just hope no more teens get napped eh' Diane?" The news presenter said with a cheeky grin.

"That's right Matt! That's it from us at KLI, Denmark's only English station! Before we go lets go over to Pippi for an update on the weather, all over Denmark!" His co-host smiled, a cheesy grin spread across her perfect face.

"Well hello Denmark! What a beautiful few days we've had...! Well, apart from in Aalborg, those poor souls had some, lets say unusual weather!" She giggled, "As we all know it was July 16th yesterday, that means summer is in full swing! But, alas, in Aalborg it began to snow! Yes that's right folks! It began to snow! The delicate flakes began to fall at around 1pm and only began to fade at-" I slammed my hand down on the off button of Dad's brand new flat screen TV, and threw the control across the room. What was going on? Snow in July? This is Denmark, not the Atlantic!

I sank further into the chair and my thoughts, trying to analyse all this.

I'd been so busy bathing in the beautiful moment yesterday I'd forgotten it was summer, and the last time Denmark saw snow in summer it had been the flipping ice age. I tried to remember all the other times there had been snow. It wasn't hard, every winter Denmark has treacherous snow, and sometimes it reaches the second story windows.

But snow in summer? It's basically a myth.

I felt something in my brain spark, and my heart skipped a beat. Maybe it was my fault?

It had snowed when my mum and dad had begun arguing.

It had snowed when my dad had thrown away my mum's art tools, and she'd been sent into a deep depression for days.

It had snowed when a girl had cut off my hair in 1st grade...

And it had snowed yesterday, when the moment I'd been dreading for weeks had finally arrived.

Maybe the snow was here for me, like my own comforter. Like a friend, when nobody else cared. I only felt safe and secure when it was snowing. A warm feeling spread through my body, and I no longer felt alone.


"CHILLALI! GET HERE NOW!" Dad's powerful voice boomed through the house. I rose from my seat and made my way to the hallway.

Dad was at the front door, talking in Danish to two bulky teenagers. They looked older than me, around 17. They both had identical faces and the only way to tell them apart was their hair. One had beautiful wavy brunette hair and the other man's was straight and blonde.

"Hun nødt til at komme med os sir." The blonde glanced at me. His eyes full of hatred. What had I done? I didn't speak much Danish, but I could sort of make out ‘she' and ‘has too.' I tried to swallow the heavy weight that formed in my throat.

Dad gave up with the Danish and just spoke in English, "Please, tell me what she's done!" He glared at me.

"No sir, we can not do that. I- I" The blonde glanced at the brunette; they obviously didn't know much English.

"Yes, come with us. We are police. Now." The brunette ordered. He grabbed my arm and I yelped out in protest.

"Hey..." My dad said firmly, "Hey lets not be hasty!" It was too late; they dragged me down the path. I glanced up at the Brunette, staring at his police badge.

Fear prickled down my back. That's not a police badge...

 I began to scream, I screamed as loud as I could. I twisted round and managed to release their grip, running towards Dad.

"Dad! They aren't politi! They aren't the police! Dad!" I yelled, he just stared at me sadly.

"Darling... you have to learn... you must learn." There was no more urgency; he'd changed his mind in an instant. He'd seen how they'd grabbed me and he didn't care. I felt a tight grip around my leg; they pulled me down and carried me off.

I stared at Dad, he looked alarmed at this. "Wait-" he began, "Wait! I say wait! Wait! Vent! Wait! Vent!" He began shouting. It was too late. I was already gone.

"We know what you do!" the blonde spat at me.

They threw me in the back of a van; I ran to the window and stared out.


Snowflakes began to fall.

The End

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