BAM! A gunshot sounded through the forest; if they keep this shooting up I'm going to be deaf I thought to myself. I remembered Kiora was still on the ground and I hadn't heard her get up. So I turned, there she was, still sitting on the ground looking scared and confused. We didn't have the time for that right now. I held out a hand to her and when she took it I pulled her to her feet. When she didn't let go I decided I kinda liked it and didn't make any move to let go either. 

As it got darker I had to slow down and look for obstacles; somehow though Kiora seemed to have no problem moving, it was just as if the area had floodlights pouring light everywhere, revealing every thing to only her. 

"Kiora, up front so we can follow you," the weird kid said without looking back. How in the world did he know? Kiora shook her head and then let go of my hand to take the lead. I was kinda sad to have her let go, but I shook my head and just followed her, no time for feelings right now, I'll deal with it later. Right now we are being chased by the government, so we really need to focus on getting away. 

"Hey Kiora!" I called, "We should head for a cave or something if you see one." 

"Good idea!" she called back then started to scan the horizon. 

About ten minutes later I was starting to lose my wind, and Kiora suddenly changed our course, "Found one," she stated simply.

When we got to the cave mouth I went to work disguising it. Then, after my breathing had settled down a little bit, I turned to the weird kid. 

"Well, you seem to know all there is to know about us...fancy telling us anything about you?" I asked him. 

He started to mutter to himself,  "Yeah yeah I know" he turned to me, "Well there's not much to tell really... oh right! my name! Hmm... you can call me Ambrose"

"I'm N-" I began.

"Yeah, Nen, I already know," He interrupted me. 

Wow, he's a nice guy..."So, ah, how did you get involved in all this?" I asked him. 

"Well you could say that I had... help. Anyway does it really matter HOW I got involved?" He asked.

"Wow, I'm sorry! Just trying to pass the time..." I told him, holding my hands up placatingly. 

"Hmm... Well don't dig too deep, you might come across the dead" Ambrose smiled at me. 

Ok...this guy has officially weirded me out! "Umm, ok...speaking of the dead, we're as good as if we don't keep watch while the rest of us sleep..." 

"Don't worry about that. I don't sleep really and I got an extra pair of eyes... well not really eyes" He said matter-of-factly. Ok, yeah, he's weird and I am not sure I'll ever understand him.

 "Well then...I'll just be going to sleep now," I said. I was really starting to freak out now, I mean, what had I gotten myself into? I was really wishing that I could just go home, but the government would probably still be looking in all the airports for me. 

"Sweet dreams! Don't let the Gov bite" Ambrose put in with a wolfish smile as I got up and found a dry place to lie down and hopefully get some sleep.


The End

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